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Lease-to-own servers are servers that you rent first and own after 12 or 24 months of renting. Power usage and datatraffic are included in the pricing for the duration of the initial lease period. After the lease period the server becomes your property and server can be easily swithced to our colocation plans. You can also choose to pick up the server or let us ship it to you anywhere in the world.

Bring your own IPs

Have your own IP prefixes? You can announce them with Hostzealot at $50 per subnet (min /24) and utilize them between your servers with us. In addition, you will be able to split up your prefixes to different sizes. (Your /24 could be split into multiple /29's, /28's, etc). You'll need to provide your IPv4 allocation details and upload the LOA (letter of authorization) in order to get started.

Upstream options

Most of our POPs benefit from multiple upstream options (all options are listed on Datacenter information pages). Additionally, most of our partnering datacenters are carrier-neutral which allows you to choose from greater list if you need a specific connection (list of upstreams is available upon request).

Our equipment

Our POPs infrastructure is based on enterprise solutions from Juniper, HP, Suprmicro, Cisco and Dell. This allows us to provide great network uptime as well as high level of equipment performance.

Management options

If you need assistance with your project our team will help you 24/7/365. We do like to have specification from client prior to engaging in various helping activities, though.

Datacenter information

We carefully picked each DC that we are working with. Similarly to Scottish distilleries we blend our locations into great overall product. We try to offer best (yet cost-efficient) solutions on every continent we are present on. Feel free to check additional information regarding our POPs here.