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If you are looking for the best VPS hosting USA offers and incredible features, you’ve just found the right place where you will find the best plan for your needs.

3 Reasons Why You Can Be 100% Sure About Our Servers

Our products have multiple benefits that you can enjoy right after joining our platform. Here is what we’ve prepared for you: 

  • The highest quality is what you will get from working with us. USA VPS Hosting is the best choice for you if you are searching for the right solutions for your platform. 
  • Incredibly high level of professionalism. You will work with people who know how to make things done in the right way.
  • A variety of features. When purchasing our USA VPS Hosting plans, you will get access to a huge variety of features and amenities that will ease the job for you and make your platform run as smoothly as possible.

Our Data Center Is One of the Most Highly Protected and Equipped Buildings in the State

When you are looking for VPS in the USA, you have to take into account many details, including the security and equipment of the chosen data center. That’s what we are ready to provide you with. 24/7 surveillance and a proper environment are guaranteed.

Why Should You Choose VPS USA?

We offer not only the best VPS in the USA that comes with a variety of features and complete safety. This is where you can find a modern data center equipped with all the tools and services, including colocation, managed services, and a platform that would provide you with stability and scalability. When you buy VPS in the USA, you get a guarantee that you will get full access to a server that would have all the features you requested.

Top 5 Benefits of Our VPS Plans 

If you still think that USA VPS is not a good choice for you, these advantages might make you change your opinion: 

  • Affordable rates. We know how to cut the electricity cost and get the most out of the minimum; so, you won’t have to overpay with us.
  • A variety of VPS USA plans are available. Customize your VPS features here. 
  • 100% safety. With our VPS server USA, you can be sure that no one will ever get physical access to your server. You are protected here.
  • Assistance around the clock. When you get a USA VPS Server here, you also receive a guarantee that we will be there for you no matter what at all times.

We’ve got all the best USA based VPS offers already available on our website; so, what are you still waiting for? Get what you want right here for the most suitable price.

Powerful VPS Control
We provide unique hosting interface thanks to the control panel tailored for particular needs of our clients. Managing your services has never been easier.

 Additionally to all the facts listed above our clients receive following extra advantages, when they order VPS in USA hosting:

  1. Computing facilities of VPS in USA are located in data-center that corresponds to the highest quality standards. It is worth of noting, that:
  2. total consumed power is about 40MW - spare energy for any issues, which may occur;
  3. data-center has two independent electrical power inputs and eight emergency generators 2MW each, all that provide uninterruptible running 365 days a year;
  4. multilevel access control system makes unauthorized entry impossible;
  5. electrical consumption monitoring and early faults detection systems help to reduce breakdowns of auxiliary equipment and unscheduled downtime in server’s work.
  6. There are over 17 carriers presented in data-center. That is a guarantee of reliable work of your project.
  7. Placing your virtual dedicated server in USA, you protect your important information from unauthorized access and have always control over it.

Ordering VPS in USA hosting from HostZealot, you get high quality and reliability at reasonable price. Different tariffs allow you to choose the best variant for your project without extra charging for useless options.

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Hostzealot United States of America VPS features

Backup Storage
Keep your important data on independent back up storage
Linux- and Microsoft Software-based Virtual Servers
Alternative control panels
Both free and payed solutions for better comfort of the service use
Remote control
Virtual server power control option is included in the basic set
SSD Caching
Processing of your projects can be increased more than 100 times
KVM Virtualization
KVM virtualization technology provides independent resources to each virtual server, and also provides the ability to install the necessary operating system distributions.
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Plus all of these standard features at no extra charge:
VNC access to VPS
IPv4 and IPv6
Free IPv6 for each VPS
Secure Shell(SSH)
SSL/TLS Certificates with Let's Encrypt
KVM virtualization
Phusion Passenger
Password Protection (.htaccess)
SSD caching
One-Click Application Installer
Unlimited Email Accounts
PHP/ Perl/ Python
Crontab Access
Unlimited FTP/sFTP Users
Subversion Repository (SVN)
Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
Access to Raw Log Files
Unlimited MYSQL Databases
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