Germany dedicated server pricing plans

Extra services

Additional IP Addresses
Starting From $2
Backup Space
Starting From $20
Server setup and management
Starting From $5
Traffic from 20TB and more
Starting From $49

Dedicated server benefits from Hostzealot

Server Administration 

Full or partial administration with help of our support

INTEL Processors

Full range of processors from economy ones to flagship E5

Local network

Interconnect your servers across your network

Enterprise solutions

From single-unit and high-density chassis to multi-unit giants

Geo diversification

Servers are available in 15 locations and we are constantly pushing the boundaries

Servers on request

Our clients have an opportunity to rent a custom dedicated server, with the specified hardware characteristics.

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You still do not know which dedicated server to choose?

Give us a note and we will choose the optimal dedicated server for your project needs.
Zealot Servers in Germany from €92/mo
Servers in Germany can have next parameters
Disks type: SSD
Hard disk capacity: 2TB
Type RAM: DDR4
RAM size: 64Gb

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