VPS in United Kingdom

HostZealot company offers hosting services in data-centers located in Europe, Canada and USA. In this article we are going to talk about VPS hosting in the UK.

  • SSD Caching
  • VNC Access
  • KVM Virtualization
  • IPv6 Free
  • TUN/TAP Interface

Let’s consider the key factors, which speak in favor of choosing this type of hosting:

  • SuperMicro server equipment - hardware from a leading manufacturer;
  • total support of IPv6;
  • Intel CPU - reliable high-performance processor from the world class brand;
  • SSD caching - additional resources at the moments of a peak load;
  • VNC and SSH root-access;
  • preinstalled software - free of charge software for optimization of your project work;
  • KVM virtualization - possibility of installing any OS you need on your virtual machine;
  • big variety of control panels;
  • round-the-clock professional technical support.
  • guaranteed access to resources - full independency of parallel running virtual machines;
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Hostzealot United Kingdom VPS features

Backup Storage
Keep your important data on independent back up storage
Linux- and Microsoft Software-based Virtual Servers
Alternative control panels
Both free and payed solutions for better comfort of the service use
Remote control
Virtual server power control option is included in the basic set
SSD Caching
Processing of your projects can be increased more than 100 times
KVM Virtualization
KVM virtualization technology provides independent resources to each virtual server, and also provides the ability to install the necessary operating system distributions.
Powerful VPS Control
We provide unique hosting interface thanks to the control panel tailored for particular needs of our clients. Managing your services has never been easier.

VPS Hosting UK: Advantages and Reasons to Choose

Ordering a VPS hosting in the UK can promote your online business. The prices are pretty affordable for both small and large enterprises. Check our website carefully to learn more about the options waiting for you. 

Why is VPS in the UK a proper choice for your business? There are plenty of reasons, but the main one is a successful geographical location. The United Kingdom is a hub between both the Americas and Europe. Ordering a host in this country will open lots of markets for you by making your services and goods visible for both continents. Plus, do not forget about the convenient legislation concerning the Internet and the overall high levels of the network structure. In addition, after Brexit, the UK Internet legislation is not regulated by the EU laws and commissions, which eases the services for non-residents.

UK VPS Host: Main Features and Advantages of the Data Center

Being one of the top countries in Europe, the United Kingdom guarantees the following perks of the hosting data center:

  • Branched and complicated server structure that guarantees 100% workability during collapses or maintenance.
  • Servers are protected from physical damage of hardware.
  • UK VPS grants maximal speeds for an unlimited number of users - apply the most sophisticated technologies without the need to compress your content.

If you are familiar with the e-commerce sphere, you know that the performance of your website means much. The highest quality grants your clients a positive experience delivered from different devices. On the other hand, constant lags, high ping, and glitches will scare off potential clients. That is why VPS server United Kingdom ensures the following:

  • Modern SSD memory for all the UK VPS host solutions. It ensures pleasant and instant moderation of your website.
  • From 512 MB to 16 GB of Ram, which is enough both for a simple landing page and a multi interactive portal. 
  • Simple installation and full maintenance of your server space during the period of subscription.
  • Availability of both Windows and Linux systems.
  • Quick and professional online support for all users.
  • Total remote access to your server. 
  • Finally, easy and instant purchase without the need to leave your home.

So, the VPS hosting UK is not only a good choice, it is a chance to promote your business, find new comfortable paths to grow, and start working independently from strangers occupying the same server.

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Plus all of these standard features at no extra charge:
VNC access to VPS
IPv4 and IPv6
Free IPv6 for each VPS
Secure Shell(SSH)
SSL/TLS Certificates with Let's Encrypt
KVM virtualization
Phusion Passenger
Password Protection (.htaccess)
SSD caching
One-Click Application Installer
Unlimited Email Accounts
PHP/ Perl/ Python
Crontab Access
Unlimited FTP/sFTP Users
Subversion Repository (SVN)
Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
Access to Raw Log Files
Unlimited MYSQL Databases
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