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A virtual desktop is used as a remote workstation where a person can interact with data and applications on a server from anywhere in the world. Desktop as a Service, or as it is also called Remote Desktop, is deployed on a remote server, and the client has direct access to it with ROOT-level access rights. You can work with DaaS from any device, from a desktop or laptop to a tablet or smartphone – and this is its main advantage.
Secure environment for data storage in a European data center. Access to information only by European court order.
Assistance in ensuring the security and safety of your information.
Flexible configuration of software environment: Active directory, multi-gateway, IP telephony.
Fast enterprise-class SSDs.
Access from virtually any device, RDP clients exist for Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.
Operating system of your choice.
Flexible scaling.
Assistance in configuring and migrating the infrastructure, TCO (total cost of ownership) optimization tips.
Ability to build MPLS from your office.
Ability to install an alarm button, in which your entire infrastructure is disconnected from the network and there is no possibility of access to it from the outside.

You also get

S3 Storage (on request)

Elastic scaling

VPN tunnel

Free test

Migration Consulting

Guaranteed on all VPS

Secure environment for data storage

24/7 support

Backup at virtual machine level

Ideal for companies

Private clinics and health care

Retail, supermarkets

Schools and universities


Call Center

Construction Companies

Value Added Services

Software Installation
Telephone, printer and office equipment setup
Individual backup upon request
Alarm button installation

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