Expanding the boundaries
Expanding the boundaries
From simple to complex - get help with the implementation of both trivial and advanced hosting decisions. Prompt and comprehensive solutions for your tasks of any complexity. Complete support of all services from the moment an order is made.
Manage and increase
Manage and increase
Convenient tools for infrastructure management and monitoring your project. You keep everything under control from everywhere in the world anytime. And you will not be left one-on-one with any issues related to the service management.
Order your server
Choose quality
Choose quality
Top quality server hardware from leading manufacturers like SuperMicro, HP, Dell, Juniper, Cisco guarantees high performance and stable functioning of your online project. Only modern technical solutions and professional service provide 99.9% uptime.
Choose your server
Rely on professionals
Rely on professionals
Get busy only developing your web project and let us take care of any possible technical issues. Leave all your problems to the professionals who are willing to help at any time. Variety of convenient ways to contact us and round-the-clock availability.
5 out of 10 reasons to choose us
99,9% uptime
99,9% uptime
We guarantee 99,9% server uptime, thus we provide constant access to online projects of our clients.
Quick configuration
Quick configuration
Ordering a dedicated server with a quick configuration feature allows you to set up a high performance and reliable environment in half an hour.
No contracts
No contracts
It also means that you can cancel your service simply by not prolonging it. In this case, your server or web host will automatically expire on its expiry date.
Excellent prices
Excellent prices
Only the best hosting services at a reasonable price based on modern, high-performance equipment.
Upgrade without problems
Upgrade without problems
Configuration changes connected with server upgrade don't lead to data loss or undesirable interruptions in hardware operation.
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For reliable operation of domain it is necessary to have at least two DNS-nameservers. These servers respond on all requests to your domain (extension) on Internet. DNS-nameserver storing all initial information is called Primary DNS-server (master). And it is called Secondary(slave) if it receives full information about extension from the Primary or another Secondary DNS-server. We provide free DNS-servers for all domains registered with us. Even having already registered a domain, you can still order such service with our company, if your registrar doesn't provide free DNS-servers. In order to activate this service just check out “DNS Management” check-box during domain registration procedure. After the order is proceeded, DNS-nameservers of HostZealot would be set as primary and secondary for client's domain. And the client could manually add A, CNAME, MX and other records to the domain (number of such records is unlimited).
What are restrictions of your services?
All main restrictions and prohibitions are specified in our Service Terms and Conditions Please study them carefully in order to avoid provoking misunderstandings. If you need any additional information you can ask our assistants of Customer Support Department.
How to change account owner's details?
You need to login to your personal account and simply update information on Account -> Edit account Details page. But you should remember that we do not store details of your credit card so they will be requested for each payment session.
How can I get to my cPanel?
You can access your control panel in following ways:
  • http://www.example.com/cpanel
  • https://www.example.com:2083
  • Services>Products/Services>View data> Enter cPanel
If none of these works please contact our Customer Support Department
How can I access IPMI?
In order to get access to your Server’s IPMI you need to install additional software for connection with virtual network (OpenVPN):
- Follow this link
- Download and install appropriate installation package for your operating system
- Download OpenVPN configuration file and put it to "C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\" directory (path may vary depending on your OS and path you preferred for OpenVPN)
- Run OpenVPN and start "HostZealot-IPMI" instance
- Enter the same username and password which you use in order to access your Client Area (my.hostzealot.com)
- Once connected you can use IPMI access credentials listed under IPMI menu of a specified server

Note: you will not be able to connect via OpenVPN in case there are no active products with IPMI access
Domain transfer
According to agreement with ICANN owner of any domain name can change registrar of this domain name anytime and at his own discretion without assigning any reasons. If you already have domain name registered by another registrar you still can transfer it to us. For this IP address specified in access data to hosting account shall be assigned to corresponding domain name.
Domain transfer procedure:
• prior to start transfer the domain owner shall request EPP-key (unique authorization key for domain transfer) from current registrar;
• make sure your domain name is unblocked for transfer;
• switch off personal data protection feature if this service is active;
• follow this link to start your domain transfer: http://my.hostzealot.com/ and select «Domain transfer»;
• after payment processing you’ll receive confirmation letter to e-mail you have specified during registration of this domain name. Follow the link in the letter to confirm registration;
• domain transfer takes from 5 to 7 days from the confirmation date;
• when transfer is completed you will receive a letter with corresponding confirmation.

How can I create sub-account in main account?
Sometimes our clients need sub-account with restricted rights, for billing or other purposes. In order to create sub-account do the following: Enter your client account Select option Account>Accounts and sub-accounts Specify details of sub-account and set its access level If the sub-account is not needed anymore click Remove contact
How can I switch off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security in Windows VPS?
Due to Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC) it becomes a real problem to download anything to your server through Internet Explorer. Even opening a simple web-page will take at least 6 times of clicking through the IE ESC warnings. It will also prevent you from installing some applications which need internet connection during install progress. (e.g. Oracle Java) So if you want to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security (IE ESC) follow the next steps:
1. Open Server Manager (your can find it at your taskbar panel).
2. In the Server Manager Dashboard, click on Local Server on the left side.
3. At the right column of Server Properties you’ll see the option named "IE Enhanced Security Configuration". Click "On" to change the option.
4. You’ll be prompted to turn off IE ESC for Administrators and/or Users. Select your option and click OK.
Please, keep in mind, that disabling IE ESC may open your server to some IE potential vulnerabilities.
How can I add website to my hosting package?
All our main web hosting packages allow you assigning several websites. This is provided by addon domains:
1. Enter your web hosting control panel
2. In section Domains select Addon domains
3. Add domain names of extra websites, and save changes.
Number of addon domains available depends on selected package

What is a web hosting service and hints to get the best one

Web hosting service is an internet service provided by hosting providers aiming at making web content of the users accessible online.

The services mentioned below are definitely the top four hosting services:

  • shared web hosting;
  • VPS hosting;
  • dedicated server hosting;
  • domain name registration.

There is a number of others internet activities and services that different organizations are ready to offer. For example, cloud technology rocks nowadays, but not all hosting providers deliver that.

Web hosting services in details

Shared web hosting is the one you have already heard of, and it costs near to nothing. However, it is quite simple, but mighty tool to get a website online with just a few clicks.

VPS hosting is almost like hosting a real physical server. You get guaranteed resources and complete access to tweak and tune the system exactly the way you need it to be. The price is higher than for a shared hosting, but it’s still quite affordable both for small business and for private persons as well.

Dedicated server is utterly vigorous and fully customizable solution, hence you will have to pay some extra money compared to other services. With no sub-users or software limitations, it can perfectly fit whatever goal you’re up to. Just pick the hardware you need and get full access to install software and tune the system. 

Domain registration often comes along with shared hosting plans, but it’s an independent service that helps to get a website online. Many providers use free domain registration to attract new clients. 

How to find the best web hosting services?

Deciding on which service fits your requirements and your budget most is only the beginning. The next thing you will face is finding a hoster that can deliver a service of high quality and for an acceptable price. A good idea is to find a few companies and compare their offers. Pay attention to the following key points:

  • uptime is a complex parameter that generally can be used to evaluate quality of the services offered by a hosting provider. Basically, it’s a time frame when your server is constantly available online, without any breakdowns or emergency maintenances carried out by your hoster during a given period of time.
  • hardware is one of the main aspects that is of a great importance to how your online project will be functioning. Whether you’re using a dedicated server or just a shared hosting, it’s the hardware that provides needed resources to your applications.
  • SLA (stands for Service Level Agreement) – normally, there is some basic level included in all services by default. Nowadays, most providers have 24/7 online customer support and different ways to contact them. Any issues with your service can be solved by qualified personnel within a reasonable amount of time. However, if your project doesn’t tolerate a smallest breakdown or unavailability, then it’s a good idea to ask for a premium service level from your hosting provider.
  • connectivity and locations - latency is often a major point for online services, and choosing the nearest location to the internet users of your project can play an important role in winning your customers. Lots of providers have more than a few points of presence in different parts of the globe, like the UK and the USA, or Asia.
  • additional features are some extra services that you can get free of charge. It can be software tools, DDOS protection or one-year registration of the domain name. Most web hosting providers have different discounts depending on the prepaid amount.

Consider the options given above to get a decent hosting company providing web hosting services that will satisfy needs of your project. Don’t rush at once for cheap web hosting services, because usually, it’s not what it seems to be. Before making an order, try to compare what you can get for the same money from different companies.

Choosing a website hosting service that fits you best

To be more specific, let’s look closer into choosing the best shared hosting solution. There are few things you should be aware of while making your choice:

  • resources – estimate HDD volume and bandwidth that your online project requires, and take some boost coefficient to be on the safe side. Once you have your numbers check out what your favorite hosting providers offer and compare prices, limitations (see below) and extra features. Speaking about resources, it’s also worthwhile to ask what hardware is used for shared hosting nodes. Obsolete hardware can spare a few dollars from a start, but it won’t take you far.
  • control panel is a very useful tool that can help you to manage your website with a touch of a button. Sometimes, it’s not transparent whether some control panel is included in your tariff plan by default or offered for an extra fee. It’s better to find that out before making a deal.
  • easy-to-install software is a bunch of free popular software that comes with every shared hosting plan. Nevertheless, better check twice to save your time on downloading and installing your favorite applications.
  • backups – there are two kinds of people: those, who have already lost their data once, and the lucky ones, who are only about to loose it. Making regular copies of your files is the only way to deal with all kinds of unpredictable data corruption issues. Feel free to inquire about automatic backups and what it takes to make them on your own.
  • limitations – sharing common environment with other users requires some activities to be prohibited or limited to grant normal operation for all users at the same time. It’s better to get information about restrictions, especially if your project is much more than just a one-page website.

There are definitely a lot of other things you probably should take into account to make a decision. But, we believe that the key points listed above can give you the minimum required information to find a qualitative hosting service for a reasonable price!

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