Dedicated servers & infrastructure solutions for your business

Pump up your business with us!
Dedicated servers & infrastructure solutions for your business
Discounts of up to 30% on all VPS
Bronze DevOps Services package with every order
Up to 20% discount on Dedicated servers
Get VPN as a gift by request
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Meet our benefits

99,9% uptime

We guarantee 99,9% server uptime, thus we provide constant access to online projects of our clients.

Quick configuration

Ordering a dedicated server with a quick configuration feature allows you to set up a high performance and reliable environment in half an hour.

No contracts

It also means that you can cancel your service simply by not prolonging it. In this case, your server or web host will automatically expire on its expiry date.

Excellent prices

Only the best hosting services at a reasonable price based on modern, high-performance equipment.

Easy upgrades

Configuration changes connected with server upgrade don't lead to data loss or undesirable interruptions in hardware operation. Moreover, you won't even have to change your IP addresses.

Enterprise Servers

No desktop-solutions, only true modern server hardware from SuperMicro, HP, Dell, Juniper, Cisco.
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