Dedicated server in Canada

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Clients of HostZealot have an opportunity to order hosting services in many countries of the world. This section is about rental of a dedicated server in Canada.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Fast Provisioning
  • IPMI Interface
  • IPv6 Free subnet
  • Quick Upgrade

Hosting of a server in Canada is quite popular due to:

  • bundle of extra control tools from HostZealot lets you supervise your server in real time. For example, client can restart a server by himself, using VPN safety remote access function;
  • any configuration of server (according to customer’s request) assembled in no time. Basic configurations are ready in one hour after an order;
  • additional free options - hardware monitoring and traffic diagrams help you to increase efficiency of your project;
  • our highly qualified specialists of technical support are eager to help you with solving your technical issues at any time.
  • server equipment from SuperMicro - leading OEM company at IT-market;
  • Intel CPU - quality mark in microprocessing technologies;

Hostzealot servers features

On-demand or full administration of your project by our technicals.
Intel Processors
Full range of processors, from cost-saving Atom to extreme E5
Integrate your servers into single LAN
Corporate Solutions
From single-unit and hight-destiny mounts to multi-unit giants
Mutiple Locations
8 existing locations and we continue expanding
Monitoring & Control Tools
Reboot/bandwith usage charts/server management with IPMIv2
Traffic Pool
Available option of joining servers within one location into a common pool
IPv6 Support
World resourses of IPv4 are almost exhausted. Our servers natively support IPv6 communication protocol
Take control of your server via dedicated bypass management access port. Monitor sensors and manage remotely with KVMoIP / IPMI console.
Need Help? Call our support team 24/7

Each client of HostZealot Company using dedicated server in Canada rental service, receive following advantages:

  1. Ordering rental of a dedicated server in Canada from HostZealot you can be sure, that your project will run stable and safe:
  2. data-center has 25 POEs of fiber-optic communication lines;
  3. there are more than 168 000 liters of diesel fuel for generators, this means uninterruptable power supply when the main power source is out of order;
  4. round-the-clock security in data-center organized using closed contour television system.
  5. Equipment located in our rooms in the data-center in Toronto is owned by the company. This circumstance contributes to the service’s price formation, making it more attractive to users.
  6. Rental of the dedicated server in Canada first of all means minimizing risks of unlawful access to the private information of the client.
  7. Meet-Me-Room service provides constant connection between ISPs presented in data-center, that guarantees almost 100% uptime.

Ordering hosting service of the dedicated server in Canada from HostZealot, you get perfect combination of quality, price, reliability and security!

Z_Servers in Canada from €49/Month
Servers in Canada can have next parameters
Disks type: SATA
Hard disk capacity: 500GB
Type RAM: DDR3
RAM size: 32Gb 8Gb
Cities: Toronto
Other locations Z_Servers
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