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A Dedicated Server in Poland: The Best Hosting Alternative

A dedicated server is by far the most convenient hosting alternative. A Poland dedicated server is an excellent alternative for hosting your website in Europe. Unlike other dedicated servers, these are quite affordable. For more information, visit

These servers are part of data center infrastructure with no analogs in Europe. The data center is equipped with power redundancy, which eliminates the risk of interruptions. The infrastructure has all the necessary facilities that ensure adequate environmental conditions for IT equipment. These include cooling, fire detection, and continuous monitoring of the premises.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server in Poland

A dedicated server Poland offers much more than just excellent server parameters. With a power supply guarantee of 99.99%, your website is guaranteed to be online practically at all moments. The dedicated servers in Poland support IPv6 natively. The administration of the server can be handed over to the provider either on-demand or permanently. If you choose to manage the server yourself, you have many tools at your disposal.

For example, you have a monitoring and control panel that enables many server management functions. You can reboot the server, monitor bandwidth usage, and more. You can also manage your server remotely through a KVMoIP/IPMI console. All the dedicated servers are equipped with Intel processors, which guarantee top performance.

Why Should You Use a Dedicated Server in This Part of Europe?

Hosting your website on a server in this part of Europe gives you an advantage. Poland is at the center of Europe, and it serves as a hub for different server locations throughout the continent. Although you can opt for a single unit, the possibilities to scale up are almost unlimited. The hosting infrastructure in Poland is suitable to provide any corporate solution. This is possible thanks to the different locations of servers.

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Hostzealot servers features

On-demand or full administration of your project by our technicals.
Intel Processors
Full range of processors, from cost-saving Atom to extreme E5
Integrate your servers into single LAN
Corporate Solutions
From single-unit and hight-destiny mounts to multi-unit giants
Mutiple Locations
8 existing locations and we continue expanding
Monitoring & Control Tools
Reboot/bandwith usage charts/server management with IPMIv2
Traffic Pool
Available option of joining servers within one location into a common pool
IPv6 Support
World resourses of IPv4 are almost exhausted. Our servers natively support IPv6 communication protocol
Take control of your server via dedicated bypass management access port. Monitor sensors and manage remotely with KVMoIP / IPMI console.
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