Dedicated server in United States of America

HostZealot Company offers to its clients possibility to order a service of hosting servers in data-centers located in different parts of the globe. In this section you can find information about hosting of the dedicated server in USA.

  • Custom configuration;
  • Fast provisioning;
  • IPMI Interface;
  • IPv6 Free subnet;
  • Quick Upgrade;

Here below are some major facts, owing to which more and more users every day choose this particular type of hosting:

  • hardware server equipment from the world’s leader of the market - SuperMicro company;
  • additional tools from HostZealot let you effectively manage your server in a real time;
  • CPU from Intel - well-known company for a long time;
  • assemblage of any server’s configuration in short period of time;
  • free extra options for monitoring of the equipment and graphical info about traffic consumption;
  • qualified technical support for clients in round-the-clock format;
  • basic configurations are ready in an hour after the order is made;

Computing facilities of dedicated servers in USA are located in the data-center, which responds to the highest quality standards.

  1. The following is worth of noting:
  2. summarized consumed power is about 40MW - secured energy for any issue;
  3. data-center has two independent power supply inputs and eight emergency power generators 2MW each, that means running without breakdowns 365 days a year;
  4. multilevel physical access control system makes unauthorized breakthrough impossible;
  5. power consumption monitoring and early detection of malfunctioning of auxiliary equipment systems help to prevent unscheduled interruptions in server’s work.
  6. Server equipment hosted at our place in Ashburn, Virginia is the property of HostZealot company, this allows us to provide competitive price plans for our services.
  7. There are seventeen ISPs presented in data-center, that is why our clients can be sure of reliability of their project’s functioning.
  8. Placing dedicated server in USA you protect yourself from unlawful access to the important information, which is always under control.

Ordering hosting of VDS in USA from HostZealot, you get stable running of your internet-project!

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