Dedicated server in Netherlands

Don't found required server? Create sever for your business.

HostZealot company offers services of hosting in five European countries. Next we are going to talk about rental of a dedicated server in Holland.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Fast Provisioning
  • IPMI Interface
  • IPv6 Free subnet
  • Quick Upgrade

Ordering this type of hosting, you receive following advantages:

  • administrate server in real-time, due to convenient control tools from our company. For example, you can restart a server using VPN-access;
  • used traffic’s diagrams and monitoring of the equipment - as useful options, which come with no charges;
  • top-class hardware equipment from OEMs Intel and SuperMicro;
  • used traffic’s diagrams and monitoring of the equipment - as useful options, which come with no charges;
  • popular server’s configurations are ready in one hour after the order;
  • technical support service is always ready to tackle any technical issues.
  • configuring server according to you demands;

Hostzealot servers features

On-demand or full administration of your project by our technicals.
Intel Processors
Full range of processors, from cost-saving Atom to extreme E5
Integrate your servers into single LAN
Corporate Solutions
From single-unit and hight-destiny mounts to multi-unit giants
Mutiple Locations
7 existing locations and we continue expanding
Monitoring & Control Tools
Reboot/bandwith usage charts/server management with IPMIv2
Traffic Pool
Available option of joining servers within one location into a common pool
IPv6 Support
World resourses of IPv4 are almost exhausted. Our servers natively support IPv6 communication protocol
Take control of your server via dedicated bypass management access port. Monitor sensors and manage remotely with KVMoIP / IPMI console.
Need Help? Call our support team 24/7

Above all mentioned earlier you also have to consider, that when you order service of hosting dedicated server in Amsterdam, you additionally get the following features:

  1. Data-center of Switch Datacenters Company in Amsterdam is known for its high technology features:
  2. efficiency of energy consumption is almost 100% (PUE=1,09), this also plays a role in price formation;
  3. uninterruptible power supply of the data-center is provided by the emergency power generators, which can maintain normal operational conditions for the equipment during three days;
  4. round-the-clock multilevel security system;
  5. security level responds to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard;
  6. data-center is a member of the ClimateNeutralGroup and fulfills all the requirements concerning protection of the environment;
  7. Hosting provider HostZealot is the direct owner of the dedicated servers in Holland. For you, as a client, it means:
  8. short time for consideration of the possibility of server’s reconfiguration, which aims to increase the productivity;
  9. changing server’s hardware configuration in a short period of time;
  10. Dedicated server in Amsterdam is a great decision, if your project is focused on European internet-user.
  11. It is hard to underestimate the following aspect of placing your server in European country - we are talking about supremacy of law. Granted access only for authorized persons and maintenance stuff.

Purchasing a service of hosting dedicated server in Holland, you have a guarantee of the perfect operating of your Internet-project!

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