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HostZealot offers rental of Netherlands dedicated servers, which are located in the data center AMS1. Convenient geographical location of the servers provides maximum speed of access to the resource for residents of all European countries. Modern software and security personnel working round the clock are in charge of the safety of data. The variety of equipment configurations allow you to rent a server for both business and personal needs.

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Our servers in the Netherlands are located in the data center AMS1. It is recognized as one of the best data centers in Europe . The data center is a complex with a total area of 8500 square meters. Rooms are isolated from each other by fire-resistant walls that withstand extreme temperatures for 2 hours. Even in case of a fire in the data center, you will not lose access to data and information. Indoor temperature is always maintained at 23 degrees. Modern air conditioning and cooling systems provide this temperature range.. There are also cases of power failures. Additional generators can provide power to the entire data center for 3 days.
Access to the premises of the data center is allowed only through special passes. As for customers with increased requirements (such as, banks), there are reserved separate rooms into which only a few people have access . In addition to the security software developed by our specialists, security is always monitored by our SS (Security Service). Given all these factors, you should not worry about the security of your data. Due to advantageous geolocation, our servers provide stable data exchange without packet loss and with minimum response time for your clients.

In addition to stability, reliability and security, when ordering Netherlands dedicated server you will receive the following:

Server configuration for any tasks;
IPMI interface;
Free IPv6 subnet;
Fast software update and service provision;
Server administration in real time;
24/7 help from HostZealot support specialists;
Free additional tools for tracking traffic and obtaining information about the state of equipment;
Latest original equipment and components from reputable manufacturers Intel and SuperMicro.

Features of server rental in Netherland dedicated server from HostZealot

Server administration
You can entrust the full administration of your to server to our experts or request this service if needed.
CPU usage from Intel and AMD
Our Netherlands dedicated servers use processors from reputable AMD and Intel companies. You can choose any of them - starting from a cost conscious CPU to premium solutions.
LAN support
If necessary, you can always combine all your servers into a single local network.
Traffic pool
You can always combine several servers within one place into a common pool.
IPv6 Support
Every day the world resources of IPv4 protocol are exhausted. Our servers are ready for this, as they have native support for the new IPv6 protocol.
Convenient management tools
You can remotely control all the functions of your server. To do this, we offer a number of control panels and an intelligent platform management interface (IPMI v2).
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