Dedicated server in Netherlands

HostZealot company offers services of hosting in five European countries. Next we are going to talk about rental of a dedicated server in Holland.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Fast Provisioning
  • IPMI Interface
  • IPv6 Free subnet
  • Quick Upgrade

Ordering this type of hosting, you receive following advantages:

  • administrate server in real-time, due to convenient control tools from our company. For example, you can restart a server using VPN-access;
  • used traffic’s diagrams and monitoring of the equipment - as useful options, which come with no charges;
  • top-class hardware equipment from OEMs Intel and SuperMicro;
  • used traffic’s diagrams and monitoring of the equipment - as useful options, which come with no charges;
  • popular server’s configurations are ready in one hour after the order;
  • technical support service is always ready to tackle any technical issues.
  • configuring server according to you demands;

Above all mentioned earlier you also have to consider, that when you order service of hosting dedicated server in Amsterdam, you additionally get the following features:

  1. Data-center of Switch Datacenters Company in Amsterdam is known for its high technology features:
  2. efficiency of energy consumption is almost 100% (PUE=1,09), this also plays a role in price formation;
  3. uninterruptible power supply of the data-center is provided by the emergency power generators, which can maintain normal operational conditions for the equipment during three days;
  4. round-the-clock multilevel security system;
  5. security level responds to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard;
  6. data-center is a member of the ClimateNeutralGroup and fulfills all the requirements concerning protection of the environment;
  7. Hosting provider HostZealot is the direct owner of the dedicated servers in Holland. For you, as a client, it means:
  8. short time for consideration of the possibility of server’s reconfiguration, which aims to increase the productivity;
  9. changing server’s hardware configuration in a short period of time;
  10. Dedicated server in Amsterdam is a great decision, if your project is focused on European internet-user.
  11. It is hard to underestimate the following aspect of placing your server in European country - we are talking about supremacy of law. Granted access only for authorized persons and maintenance stuff.

Purchasing a service of hosting dedicated server in Holland, you have a guarantee of the perfect operating of your Internet-project!

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