Chicago, USA

The total area of Chicago partner Data Center buildings is over 30 thousand square feet. The power provided is up to 30 MW. With characteristics that high, it can satisfy even the demanding Chicago IT customers. The facility is Tier 3 certified and holds the Management and Operations Stamp of Approval. CH1 campus has the following specifications:
  • Multiple content delivery networks presented on site
  • Internet connectivity ranges from 100 Mb to 10Gb
  • Utility power supply is 5.7 MW
  • Cooling designed with guaranteed parallel redundancy
  • Cabling routed in preassembled innerduct from points of entry to MMR

London, UK

The facility in London is situated in the very center of business, finance and high tech with it’s close proximity to Silicon Roundabout. While London is widely known as the most popular city within Europe, the Middle East and Africa for businesses from the USA, with the majority of the leading US corporations having their overseas offices in the British capital. London campus propvides whatever is required to reach one’s preferred networks, contacts, cloud storages, etc. The DC offers such benefits as:
  • Uptime 99.999% guaranteed
  • About 90 Internet service providers in place
  • 8 largest CDNs and a range of IXPs
  • Top public clouds (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and others)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the largest concentrations of International Internet Backbone Carriers worldwide. There is an international fiber-optic data route within easy reach of the Amsterdam DC. A wide community of service providers and businesses get connected to more than two thousand peered networks here. Partner IXPs (Amsterdam Internet Exchange, London Internet Exchange and Neutral Internet Exchange) hosted in the Amsterdam facility ensure access to the leading global IXs. Besides, the DC campus features
  • Full power supply redundancy
  • Tier 4 certification
  • 10 MVA power capacity
  • 2N transformers
  • 2N power distribution system
  • Multi-Gb connections per rack
  • Interconnectivity with the largest datacenters
  • Full temperature control

Stockholm, Sweden

The campus in Stockholm meets the strictest requirements of the Swedish IT clients. The Data Center provides advanced facilities and an optimal infrastructure to ensure overall accessibility and interconnectivity. It is located to the south of the Swedish capital. The partner DC in Stockholm features a full range of Internet providers, CDNs, IXPs and cloud platforms. Among other advantages you get are:
  • Power density range from 2 up to 20 kilowatt per rack;
  • Full redundancy of routers;
  • Standby generator, 800 kVA power;
  • Uninterrupted connection to Portlane Backbone;
  • Flexible configurations;
  • Reliable system of riser and fiber cables;
  • Security patrolling services;
  • Up-to-date security alarm and CCTV monitoring;

Toronto, Canada

Almost two hundred businesses are offered a wide choice of hosting and network services from five dozen providers in our partner Data Center in Toronto. Reliable network and interconnectivity reduce latency, boost uptime and performance. The facility provides connection to such leading International Backbone Carriers as RCom, China Telecom and Bharti Airtel. The privileges of using the Toronto campus include:
  • 150 W power per square foot;
  • Over 150 networks in one MMR;
  • Rapid transportation through one of the best North American transit systems;
  • HID proximity cards and biometric access control;
  • Round-the-clock security patrol;
  • Cross-zone fire-detection and suppression system;
  • High density of financial businesses and clients;

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong partner Data Center is equipped with industrial backup generator, full uninterrupted power supply, multihomed network redundancy, climate control, closed circuit television and biometric access systems.
  • Over three thousand square feet area;
  • Five dozen internet providers in place;
  • Direct access to almost two hundred Equinix customers;
  • UPS redundancy N+1;
  • Guaranteed uptime;
  • ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO 14001, and OHAS 18001 accreditation;
  • FM-200 fire protection and suppression system;

Seattle, USA

Our partner Data Center in Seattle is a modern, top-notch facility that has wide selection of Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers with an onsite point of presence. Direct connection with the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX). We have many options to offer:
  • Building - 45,600 sq. ft. facility;
  • Safety - smoke detection and clean agent gas suppression fire system;
  • Security - round-the-clock card access and camera surveillance;
  • Security - round-the-clock card access and camera surveillance;
  • Power - 6MW Capacity with 3 emergency diesel generators total 4.0 MW;
  • Safety - smoke detection and clean agent gas suppression fire system;

Ashburn, USA

The partner Data Center is situated in Ashburn (the state of Virginia), to the northwest from Washington. Located just between Leesburg Executive and Dulles International Airports, in a few minutes’ drive from the Primary Interstate Highways of the United States the facility is also characterized by a wide range of features, such as:
  • Over 70 thousand square feet area
  • Forty MW power
  • Fourteen Internet carriers connected
  • Tier 3 equivalent standard

Limassol, Cyprus

With our assistance,you can rent VPS servers in this data center. The one in Limassol is classified as Tier 3. This means that it duplicates both the distribution of flows and active equipment (based on N+1 principle ). Regarding technical maintenance, the data center never turns off. All rooms of the data center are separated from each other in conformity with the standards, and this minimizes possible risks in case of fires. Compared to other data centers, the one located in Limassol has the following advantages:
  • Availability of independent Internet connection with auxiliary power;
  • Work with multiple providers;
  • Customer support and data access 24/7/365;
  • Availability of certifications ISO 9001/27001;
  • Enterprise level equipment;
  • Availability of PCI-DSS security standard;
  • Compliance with the regulations for the protection of personal data GDPR;
  • Uptime 99.99%
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