VPS in Dallas

Extra services

Additional IP Addresses
Starting From $4
Backup Space for your project
Starting From $20
Server setup and management
Starting From $5
Traffic from 20TB and more
Starting From $49


KVM Virtualization

Virtualization allows for flexible product customization and operation on a VPS is not different from a full-fledged physical server

Free IPV6 for each VPS

We provide a free IPV6 for every VPS you use in your business

VPS provisioning within one minute

You can start using a VPS within 1 minute after the payment is made

VNC access to VPS

VNC-access from anywhere in the world and administer your virtual server from the comfort of your home

Variety of Control Panels

We offer a whole range of control panels from Cpanel to ISPmanager


Other Products


  • RAM and storage capacity of your choice from the list of ready configurations.
  • All VPS have a 1 Gigabit physical connection, which is shared among all users, without any priority.
  • Possibility to expand stock configurations if the provided capacity is not enough.
  • Reliability and fault tolerance even under high loads.
  • 24/7 customer support with the ability to communicate in English.
  • VPS rental service for corporate clients and private persons as well. Basic administration is also included in the service.
  • Data backup excludes the possibility of data loss even in case of unforeseen circumstances. Including the backup to the tenant's media is allowed.
We use modern enterprise hardware - fast and reliable SSD and NVMe drives, server processors from Intel, and AMD.  If you need to rent a VPS, contact HostZealot. We are happy to discuss your requirements and choose the best plan for your needs.

You still do not know which VPS to choose?

Give us a note and we will choose the optimal VPS for your project needs.