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VPS in Poland: You Can Trust Our Specialists

A high-quality and secure server is what every platform needs. Learn more about our benefits and features right here. 

Top 3 Benefits of Our Products

Poland VPS server has multiple advantages. Although it was difficult to determine the top 3 ones, here they are: 

  • Power supply redundancy. Automatic power reserve systems and 41.5 MW of total power potential come along with your server plan. 
  • Proper management. The best professionals will take care of your VPS server in Poland.
  • Perfect environment conditions. Your server will be located in a data center with conditions in which your server can be operated correctly.

One of the Most Well-Protected Data Centers in Europe

When you buy VPS in Poland, you can be sure that your server is protected from all possible dangers. Our data center is among the largest European data centers, and every part of it is carefully taken care of and protected from any kind of risks or dangers. No interruption in the power supply is possible. The best specialists will be monitoring your server non-stop to ensure its safety and security.

Why Should You Choose Poland VPS?

VPS in Poland has tons of benefits, including affordability, security, and a high level of professionalism. However, that is not all. The data center in Poland is equipped with the latest technologies and corporate solutions that allow every user to enjoy all the best features of VPS without having to go through any discomfort and face any problem. Your VPS server in Poland will be taken care of properly, and that’s a guarantee.

Here Is Why You Can Trust Us

If you still think that choosing VPS server in Poland isn’t a good idea, these benefits will convince you otherwise: 

  • 99.99% uptime. Your site will never be down thanks to the server’s incredible capabilities.
  • Strong online security. No one will be able to access your server; it’s protected from all possible attacks and dangers.
  • 300 GB bandwidth and SSD caching. All your visitors and clients will be able to access your platform with ease. 
  • No interruption in the power supply. We offer Fuel for 48 hours and 12 power generators; so, your site will still be online, even if there is a blackout or any problem. 

When you buy VPS in Poland, you can be sure that your platform will only keep growing in the right direction. As your website grows, your server will adjust to your needs. Nothing will limit you with our VPS in Poland!

Hostzealot Poland VPS features

Backup Storage
Keep your important data on independent back up storage
Linux- and Microsoft Software-based Virtual Servers
Alternative control panels
Both free and payed solutions for better comfort of the service use
Remote control
Virtual server power control option is included in the basic set
SSD Caching
Processing of your projects can be increased more than 100 times
KVM Virtualization
KVM virtualization technology provides independent resources to each virtual server, and also provides the ability to install the necessary operating system distributions.
Powerful VPS Control
We provide unique hosting interface thanks to the control panel tailored for particular needs of our clients. Managing your services has never been easier.
Plus all of these standard features at no extra charge:
VNC access to VPS
IPv4 and IPv6
Free IPv6 for each VPS
Secure Shell(SSH)
SSL/TLS Certificates with Let's Encrypt
KVM virtualization
Phusion Passenger
Password Protection (.htaccess)
SSD caching
One-Click Application Installer
Unlimited Email Accounts
PHP/ Perl/ Python
Crontab Access
Unlimited FTP/sFTP Users
Subversion Repository (SVN)
Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
Access to Raw Log Files
Unlimited MYSQL Databases
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