HostZealot was established in 2009 and is already a well-known and experienced player of hosting service industry.

We are sure about that, because all our enthusiasm, original ideas and lack of stereotypes are dedicated to develop tailored hosting solutions, which our clients feel comfortable to recommend both to business partners and friends. HostZealot offers solutions that could be an standard of reliability and quality.

Zealot (fanatic) is mentioned in company’s name not without a reason. To us, fanatic embodies enthusiasm and efforts to accomplish a goal, while the main goal, in our case, is to keep client’s resources online at a lightning-fast network speed. Of course, such goal cannot be achieved without reliable partners. That is why HostZealot cooperates with top-notch industrial Datacenters and ISP’s across the globe.

Good infrastructure is essential, yet our solid team of Customer Care will also help your project grow. The team consists of responsive and courteous professionals, both sales managers & experienced web administrators.

HostZealot is constantly developing, increasing network capacity to serve more clients each year. Our team constantly works on upgrades and improvements, which allow making your customer experience even more positive.

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99,9% uptime

We guarantee 99,9% server uptime, thus we provide constant access to online projects of our clients.

Quick configuration

Ordering a dedicated server with a quick configuration feature allows you to set up a high performance and reliable environment in half an hour.

No contracts

It also means that you can cancel your service simply by not prolonging it. In this case, your server or web host will automatically expire on its expiry date.

Excellent prices

Only the best hosting services at a reasonable price based on modern, high-performance equipment.

Easy upgrades

Configuration changes connected with server upgrade don't lead to data loss or undesirable interruptions in hardware operation. Moreover, you won't even have to change your IP addresses.

Enterprise Servers

No desktop-solutions, only true modern server hardware from SuperMicro, HP, Dell, Juniper, Cisco.

Traffic pool

There is a free option of joining several servers within one location into a common pool available for all HostZealot clients.

Fully supported IPv6

You are able to use your native IPv6 addresses complete with reverse DNS instantly after your server activation.

KVM virtualization

KVM provides guaranteed server resources for each VPS and let you easily install any OS you need.
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