Hosting types overview

Below we’ll review all types of hosting provided by HostZealot. There are following types of hosting services available:

  • shared hosting
  • virtual dedicated server (VDS / VPS) hosting
  • dedicated server hosting

Shared hosting is the simplest option when single physical server is shared by different customers. There are some restrictions aimed to maintain stable performance of the whole server, which are applied to a content and volume of the data each account contains . The main advantage of hosting is a low price (1$/month), that’s why this type of hosting is ideal for smaller sites.

Dedicated server, on the contrary, is the most expensive type of hosting. However, in this case server is owned completely by a single person and it means that customer receives maximum of possibilities:

  • management of resources and administration of a server;
  • customization of security options;
  • full access to the server resources at any time;
  • rights to install any required software.

The difference of a virtual private (or dedicated) server is that you have to share server resources with other users, but this time without negative effects of such a neighboring. When using virtual server hosting, client is provided with fixed amount of resources, which is indicated in the tariff plan. Thus customer receives:

  • certain amount of resources for the project;
  • ability to configure a virtual server to suit client’s needs;
  • opportunity to install any necessary software.

HostZealot company has been successfully working on the market of hosting services for many years that allows us to offer our customers not only attractive tariffs regardless of the selected type of hosting, but also:

  • fast and high-quality hosting services;
  • placement of a server in the leading data centers in six locations in Europe, USA and Canada;
  • high-speed access to your website due to the large choice of Internet – providers available in data centers;
  • minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to the confidential information located on a server;
  • equipment from SuperMicro with Intel processor;
  • free software lets you optimize your project’s output;
  • around the clock technical support.

Choosing any type of web hosting from HostZealot company that fits your needs and budget, you can be sure in reliable and trouble-free operation of your project!