Buying new servers or upgrading the existing servers

Buying new servers or upgrading the existing servers

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Buying new hardware or upgrading the old one?

Keeping up with the latest technologies can be rather pricey nowadays, and probably you are one of those companies that keeps old servers over five or even six years trying to cut some expenses. No one even remembers those times when the existing servers were to be replaced after three years of running. No matter if you are going to maintain your day-to-day operations for a bit of time or give a new life to servers hardware, it’s time to think about the upgrading. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying new hardware and modernizing the old one?

Benefits of hardware modernization

  • Increases main characteristics while cutting some additional expenses for older versions support;
  • Does not require buying new licenses for servers;
  • Takes less time and brings less harm to the data center in comparison with the full server update.

Implications of hardware modernization

  • Your hardware is under support which is going to or has already expired, and extending it for the next year will not go unnoticed for a budget;
  • You will not be able to reach the memory capacity the newer servers have and in addition, it is much more expensive;
  • Lower system productivity compared to modern servers;
  • The situation with server components is coming to the point when you might experience issues connected with their age.

The most common modernization cases

In most cases, RAM upgrading is an easy process that does not require much investment. But there are always downsides and you need to remember that when choosing your option. Let’s say you have a number of servers to be upgraded and the price for it is astronomical. The older processor version you have, the higher is the RAM upgrade cost. You cannot replace only some of the memory plates, you have to replace them all. Sometimes upgrading processor prior to the memory is more reasonable, in such a way, you’ll be able to save some money. The older the hardware, the more complicated is the maintenance due to the fact that spare parts can be discontinued by the manufacturer or you can find only used or refurbished ones that may imply certain risks. Older servers using more electricity while providing lower efficiency. So, coming up to the question, can processors be upgraded? Definitely yes but it may be a pricey option.

Another typical upgrade case is installing extra drives or replacing the current ones by larger volume or solid-state drives. It depends on the server version if it is rather old, the SAS speed may be unacceptable. Typically, upgrading processors is an expensive decision, and if you are not planning the RAM upgrade beforehand, you will not feel all the benefits of the new hardware. Either way, you should first price out both ways: upgrading or buying servers.

Buying new servers may save you money

Taking into account the downtime during the servers upgrade, the whole process can cost you a lot. Prolonging the older servers’ maintenance can be the point when you firmly decide to buy new servers instead of upgrading the old ones.

Benefits of buying new servers

  • The new hardware usually comes with a good guarantee period or support coverage;
  • The much higher efficiency of the whole system in comparison with older versions;
  • Memory volume managed by the new server is higher and its extending will be less expensive;
  • The rest components are also of a higher class and together with the system provide higher efficiency;
  • The service life is expected to be longer.

Implications of buying new servers

  • It is obvious you will have to invest more but keep in mind that this investment will definitely pay off;
  • Significant downtime due to database and software migration;
  • You might need to purchase new server licenses.

As we have already mentioned, figuring out how much money you will spend on both upgrading or buying new servers will significantly ease the process of making the right decisions. At HostZealot, we strive to support our customers and therefore are always ready to estimate your current capacity and offer the best solution for your particular case. We always ensure you get the full-service package at the best price and with the appropriate care.

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