Colocation services from A to Z

Colocation services from A to Z

Author: HostZealot Team
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What are colocation services?

  • High-level security
  • Stable and high-speed internet connection access
  • No-break power
  • Powerful heaters and coolers
  • Force majeure protection

As soon as you decide to move into the data center, be ready to save a lot of money! There is no need to keep expensive IT experts in your team anymore. You do not have to keep server machines in house and maintain them, all this is going to be performed by the colocation company. Let the professionals take the IT burden off your shoulders, focus more on the business itself.

Colocation benefits:

  • Cutting expenses on infrastructure management through outsourcing these duties to colocation experts
  • Saving on electricity costs while taking advantage of providers’ power agreements
  • Leveraging providers’ giant network wisely

Meaning of colocation

So, the colocation means the equipment along with your software is going to be stored and maintained at the provider’s end ensuring the stable net, electricity supply, and appropriate environment required by the particular server. Its facilities may be situated anywhere in the world and you can be sure that your machines are under the supervision of the experts and will be safe in case of emergencies.

The provider is not supposed to perform any manual operations with the machines unless it is required by the company and included in the price. The company’s responsibility is to configure the system’s parameters according to demands and the server’s upgrading/updating timely.

In search of the colocation data center providers

While choosing the right company, the first thing you need to ask them about is whether the upgrading of the data center is being performed timely and maintained in a proper manner. We’ve prepared a checklist for you to choose the best services for your equipment:

  • Do they have someone onsite to deal with day-to-day operations and manage the urgent cases, or do they outsource these duties?
  • How many years does their experience cover?
  • Have they ever provided hosting services to companies with businesses similar to yours?
  • Can you tell their services are unique for every customer or do they offer box solutions?
  • Can they offer a separate room for your machines to ensure some additional level of security?

Is colocation connected with managed services?

The client’s needs are growing together with the tech progress and so do the providers, they add new solutions and features to stay viable. The pool of services among different companies may vary but in general managed support covers the whole system administration, hardware management, and OS administration.

And if you do not have system admins in house, the best solution for you would be adding managed services to the ones signed under the agreement. That would give you even more benefits and freedom than just placing your equipment at the provider.

Get ready to colocate!

Now that you know what’s actually the colocation, it should be easier to decide whether you need them or not. HostZealot has years of experience in this sphere, so we know how to organize all of the IT needs of your company. Offering a team of skilled technicians only, we can surely name ourselves as the colocation heroes and internet guardians for our clients. We strive to be your life-long partner so be sure our services are of the highest quality!

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