How to change PHP version for your website?

Sep 11, 2017
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There are several reasons for using different PHP versions on a shared hosting at the same time. For example, installing the last version of CMS may require the newest version of PHP, while some sites, which have been working perfectly with an older version that was used for their production, may stop functioning at all. HostZealot company offers the latest version of PHP5.5 module for all shared hosting accounts by default. Different PHP version can be set by editing the .htaccess file or using the PHP Selector plugin for cPanel, which allows you to easily pick the required version directly from the control panel interface.

You can find PHP Selector cPanel plugin in Software section (pic.1).

Pic. 1

One of the available PHP versions can be set for each folder related to the domain (pic.2). Choose the needed folder and pick available PHP version from the drop-down list (pic.3) then press Submit button.

Pic. 2

In case you'd like to cancel the changes just press Delete button next to the corresponding entry (pic.4).

Pic. 3

Pic. 4

We hope that PHP Selector plugin for control panel from HostZealot will help you quickly set the required PHP version for normal functioning of your website.

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