What is a website builder, what are its pros and cons

What is a website builder, what are its pros and cons

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Website builders are software systems with extensive tools that can be used to create websites for any task. "In the box" of such a service there is everything you need at once:

  • hosting;
  • page editor;
  • modules for implementing additional functions;
  • control panel;
  • graphic templates;
  • extensions.

The main advantage of designers in comparison with handwritten websites is that you do not need any programming knowledge to create and prepare a website for work.

Developers of website designers, as a rule, make every effort to simplify the work. They produce video tutorials, write guides and manuals – as a result, even a beginner can deal with any such software in a matter of hours.

Advantages and disadvantages of website designers

Their main advantage is simplicity, as we have already said above. You don't need to dig deep into the topic, you don't need to learn languages, everything is done so that even the person farthest from the IT-sphere can make a website from scratch. But such a solution is suitable primarily for small and medium–sized businesses, while large companies always prefer individual, handwritten websites – and all because ready-made templates and tools often do not allow for the proper implementation of complex and unique functions.

So, the website builder is not suitable for creating unique and creative solutions – there are always some restrictions that you can't get around. And this is the first major drawback of this kind of software systems.

The second nuance is the design. With the help of the website builder, you can easily make a fine design, but it will be difficult to create something truly unique and inimitable. Wandering around the Internet, you probably noticed that many online stores and ordinary information sites are similar to each other in many ways. This is not an accident, because, most often, they are created based on certain templates. To look unique compared to them and introduce some interesting features, you will have to try hard.

what is a website builder, what are its pros and cons

The third nuance is the loading speed of the site. As practice shows, a handwritten website will always load faster, since there will be nothing superfluous in its structure and code. Provided, of course, that a good specialist was involved in the development. Sites created with the help of the website builder can be difficult to optimize, their modules may be too cumbersome, which will negatively affect the loading speed of individual pages. A lot also depends on the hosting where your site will be hosted by the provider after creation in the builder. Often there are built-in load limits that you have to fit into according to the contract with the supplier. Sometimes this seriously hinders the client's ability to implement certain features on their website.

SEO Restrictions

This item should be considered separately since the ranking by search engines seriously depends on which constructor was used in the development of the site. For example, the popular Tilda and Insales are ranked well, but they have limited opportunities in terms of site development, which will inevitably cause difficulties with promotion. For example, you may encounter the following problems:

  1. Excess unnecessary code generated by the platform itself. Moreover, most platforms do not provide tools for working with code, and you simply cannot remove unnecessary things.
  2. Non-unique code. Because of this, if there is not enough content on the page, then search engines can push your site to a deep bottom in the search results. Simply because ranking algorithms will identify your site as a duplicate.
  3. Built-in restrictions on the permissible load on the resource – because of this, there will be problems with scaling the site and the number of pages.
  4. Difficulties in working with redirects. File Robots.txt it is editable on almost any builder, but there may be problems with the layout of blocks – for example, the inability to divide the title and text into separate zones.

According to experts who have had experience in promoting websites created with the help of designers, most often the platform does not allow modifying the content of templates or individual modules. In this regard, CMS or handwritten code seems to be a much more attractive solution.


So, the website builder will be an ideal solution for start-up companies who want to save on development. Handwritten development costs many times more expensive. Something in between will be the creation of a CMS-based website. In addition, creating a website based on the designer allows you to launch a project in a short time – very short, putting it mildly: if you have some experience, it will take only a couple of hours to create, configure and launch.

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