3 biggest mistakes of Intel according to CEO Pat Gelsinger

3 biggest mistakes of Intel according to CEO Pat Gelsinger

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In a recent interview, the CEO of Intel Pat Gelsinger, gave the three biggest mistakes of Intel according to his opinion. These are the company's failed smartphone businesses, the cancellation of early GPU projects aimed at artificial intelligence, and insufficient focus on the foundry business.


Smartphone chips are one of the most infamous failures of Intel. First Atom processors were announced in 2008, the first Intel-based smartphones were released in 2012, and in 2016 the project was shut down.

GPU for AI

Another Intel’s failure was the shutting down of the Larrabee project in 2010, which should have become the first multi-purpose GPU to exist. The project was shut down shortly after Gelsinger left the company. The project could have made Intel another major player in the GPU market. Instead, the company now has a more difficult time adapting to current trends.

Foundry business

According to Gelsinger, Intel has always had a great potential to develop foundry business, and it was a failure to ignore this potential. Now developing foundry business is one of the main focuses of Gelsinger as Intel’s CEO.

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