New Next-Gen 288 Core Xeon Server CPU

New Next-Gen 288 Core Xeon Server CPU

Author: HostZealot Team
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Intel announced the release of a next-gen Xeon server CPU under the codename Sierra Forest, with 288 cores. It is set to become a CPU with the highest core number in the industry after its release planned for the first half of 2024. Sierra Forest belongs to the fifth-generation Xeon CPUs, that are specialized for use in hyperscalers and cloud computing to reach high levels of performance in data centers.

In comparison to the previous model, Sapphire Rapids, the new CPU promises 2.5 times increased rack density and 2.4 times better performance per watt.

The record number of cores, 288, is, according to analyst Matt Kimball, the key feature of the new CPU, providing exceptional performance in cloud infrastructure combined with optimized energy consumption.

Sierra Forest was presented during the Intel Innovation 2023 conference. Besides this, Intel reported about their active participation in various projects related to AI, in particular, creating new PowerEdge hardware for AI workloads, launching the Intel Developer Cloud for AI application development, and participating in the construction of a significant AI supercomputer in Europe.

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