No more cached pages in Google

No more cached pages in Google

Author: HostZealot Team
2 min.

Google has removed the function to view cached pages. This function could be used to visualize a cached version of a page, even if the original page is down, is not available in a particular region, or is no longer present. The motivation that was given by Google itself is that the internet has become much more reliable nowadays and the real need for this function is no longer present. In spite of this, the function did have various applications from which many users used to benefit – for figuring out if there were any recent changes on a page or for SEO analytics.

Cached pages were available through the button “About this result” at each of the search results.

The traces of the function in the form of information pages provided by Google have been also removed and it doesn’t seem that Google has plans to provide an alternative function. Nevertheless, the search partner of the company Danny Sullivan hopes that there will be a possibility to provide a kind of internet archive with the cached pages.

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