Michael Lavnduski 2015-12-31 Service: Servers
HostZealot offers a wide range of different options including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and more. They also provide domain name registration so you can have everything in one location. They have servers in Europe, Canada, USA, Asia and Oceania so you can get the hosting you need no matter where your audience is. They also have a large network capacity so you can have a high level of traffic without causing any issues. Overall, this seems to be a well run and well maintained hosting company that will be able to meet your needs at a price that is fair. Most people will be very happy with the level of service they receive from this company.
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A 2015-07-13 Service: Servers
extremely impressed Their support is amazing and round the clock available. have had many problems with setting up my websites and databases and they always were there to assist, all my tickets were solved almost instantly and in professional manner. Never had any downtime
Origin: HostSearch 2015-07-13 Service: VPS
Below is listed my short experience sharing with hosting services. Their support is amazing and round the clock available. I have had many problems with setting up my websites and databases and they always were there to assist, all my tickets were solved almost instantly and in professional manner. Sometimes I receive errors due to wrong configuration of my account, but I believe it is just my fault. Never had any downtime in a whole period with them, according to my monitoring, and I am sure that it would be that way. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the service I received, especially for the price I pay
Cecylia randy 2012-08-07 Service: VPS
Host Zealot Hosting Company is a big hosting company in the internet world. They are offering lots of service for the customer. Such as dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, server clusters and free cPanel web hosting and offer URL registration service. It is a great offer for us. I like this offer is very excitingly. Their service is excellent I was using their long time ago. I think it is the best host service in the internet world
Nikita Larov 2012-08-01 Service: Web Hosting
Highly recommend Hostzealot! I am very pleased with Hostzealot hosting service. They have been totally cooperative and helpful and have put up with my huge learning curve! Their plans are quite cheap when you figure what you're getting for them. As for support, it is great. They are always willing to take that extra step. I highly recommend them. They're easy to reach, always write back, and the chat method is good too! Thanks, hostzealot!
Alan Garet 2012-07-19 Service: VPS
Hostzealot is good for getting VPS! I'd like to say that I am happy with Hostzealot VPS hosting service. Any web host I've tried before is not able provide such a great hosting. I happened so that the deciding factor, after price, features was that their servers were based close to me.
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Jacco Van der Berg 2012-07-12 Service: Servers
Servers have very good performance Hostzealot has excellent service - both customer and technical. I always get directly connected to their support services when I need help. I've never had to wait longer than 30 seconds. Pricing is great, over all policy is amazing.
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John McCalister 2012-05-24 Service: VPS
Happy to choose Hostzealot VPS service! Having come from a really crap host to Hostzealot VPS hosting service, I can say that I am fully-satisfied. The support is great, the load speed is great and the uptime is also good. It's good cheap hosting. The support's good!
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JayMuse 2010-12-16 Service: VPS
After several months of research and numerous hosts testing, I finally got the service account at which has been recommended as the prospective young company. They created attraction for me right after visiting the site and the plans' pricing also seemed to be rather reasonable and efficient for the site like I have, so after having talks I signed up for the hosting at hostzealot. For now after months of being a client I may tell only the good things of this provider. They seem to understand what is real customer care: they supported me well ever since I wrote the very first pre-sales ticket, and for now, they kindly warn about possible troubles, which though appear rarely and have no significant influence at my work online