What kind of server does your project demand?

Sep 11, 2017
About Servers

When starting a new project the most important task is to adequately measure its needs. Purchasing the best solution available does guarantee redundancy of resources but is often impossible due to limited budget. However, single-processor multi-core CPU low-end servers are quite versatile and often are able to provide enough resources for a start-up.

We will briefly depict the main types of dedicated server CPU solutions, offered by HostZealot. All examples shown below are default configurations. Each of these is highly adjustable and can be altered in any way to suit your needs.

Low-end singleprocessor servers

Server's hardware components, like motherboard, HDD and NIC are very important, but the right choice of the CPU is vital for your server functionality . As any computer should be able to process plenitude of tasks and dedicated servers have significantly greater amount of requests as compared to desktop machines.

Singleprocessor solutions based on Intel Atom or Intel G series are the cheapest ones, yet these are quite cost-efficient and provide all features needed for a start-up. They are ideal for handling small scale tasks like domain name servers or email server. These projects may run on server solutions like Intel Atom or even on desktop hardware, like i3 series. Here is an example,SuperMicroRackserver (SYS-5017C-MTF):

  • CPU –Core i3 series (Intel Atom D525 available on a different platform)
  • RAM – up to 32 GB
  • HDD –2-4 x Hotswap Trays
  • NIC – 2x 1Gbit Ethernet
  • HW-RAID optional
  • Other features – Power Management, Bandwidth Graphs, IPMI 2.0

Using Hot-Swap HDD trays allows replacing/upgrading drives without server reboot. Utilized entry-level CPUs feature Intel Hyper-Threading technology that allows doubling the number of cores virtually in order to increase productivity and efficiency of each physical core. Therefore, these kind of solutions are a good value for money for start-up projects. Below is a list of common appliances for such servers:

- DNS servers;

- eMail servers;

- VPN servers;

- backup and monitoring servers;

- entry-level hosting.

Middle-range single Quad-core and Hexa-core Solutions

The next step is using servers with reliable Xeon single quad and hexa core CPUs, such as E3 or E5 series. These CPUs usually have 4-6 physical cores with Hyper Threading technology, making it 8-12 logical cores respectively, that ensures much higher efficiency and increased productivity as compared to entry-level Dual Core configurations.

The servers powered with such CPUs would be a preferred option for projects that have to do with:

- virtualization solutions;

- resource-demanding applications;

- medium database servers;

- load balancers;

- traffic distribution systems (TDS);

- audio streaming;

- game servers.

Here is an example of SYS-6017R-TDF+ configuration offered by HostZealot:

  • CPU – Intel E3-1230v2/v3 or E5 Series
  • RAM – up to 32GB or 256GB RAM respectively,
  • HDD – 4x Hotswap Trays
  • NIC – 2x 1Gbit Ethernet
  • HW-RAID optional
  • Other features – Power Management, Bandwidth Graphs, IPMI 2.0

High-end systems with Dual Hexa-core CPUs

Some computing tasks are much more resource demanding and need more cores in order to either support high-load multithread applications or handle huge data flow.

Such tasks include but not limited with handling:

- online advertising platforms;

- video and audio streaming;

- database server;

- load balancers;

- MMORPG servers;

- scientific and engineering research;

- computing and modeling.

Dual CPU systems based on E5-2620v2 offered by HostZealot are fully capable to fulfil your needs in maintaining mentioned applications.

  • CPU – Dual E5-26xx (12 Physical Cores);
  • RAM – up to 1 TB;
  • HDD – 4-36 xHDDs (depending on chassis);
  • NIC – 2x 1Gbit Ethernet (more NICs optional)
  • HW-RAID optional
  • Other features – Power Management, Bandwidth Graphs, IPMI 2.0

HostZealot is proud to offer our customers in-stock and custom hardware solutions on both Linux and Windows OS. Our stock is constantly updated in order to match growing demand in cutting-edge hardware.

We are able to fulfil about all hosting requests, from low-end Atom solutions through multicore E5 monsters. Feel free to inquire your actual hosting needs whether they are represented on our website or not.