Advantages of a dedicated server over VPS

Advantages of a dedicated server over VPS

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In the case of large- scale web projects that are visited daily by a huge number of users, the capabilities offered by VPS servers may not be satisfactory. In such situations,it is necessary to  consider renting a remote server, for example dedicated server usa. In this article, we will try to help you understand why  a remote server is better than a virtual private one. In addition, we will highlight  about the areas of application of such servers and their disadvantages.Now, let’s take it one by one.

Resource control

The most important and basic advantage of a dedicated server over VPS is full control. It is for that reason, many companies acquire dedicated servers. Not only will you get at your disposal a separate virtual part of the server machine, but also, the physical machine itself in the data center. If VPS is somehow dependent on the "neighbors", then in the case of dedicated servers, all available resources will be exclusively under your control. If  necessary, it is possible to place several projects on the server, while allocating the capacities needed to each of them. All depends only on your desires and needs.

Software and hardware management

When using VPS, you can only partially change the software that is made available by the hosting provider, so replacing the server components is out of the question. But if you rent a dedicated server, then, if necessary, you can replace almost the entire configuration of the machine. Software works likewise. You have the right to decide which operating system to install (centos vps, ubuntu vps and so on), databases to use and additional software. In the end, you will have an ideal machine without any unnecessary software that actually slows down its operation.

Let us now summarize the most important and evident advantages of a dedicated server:

  • Direct server power monitoring
  • Hardware and software configuration management
  • Installing only necessary software and operating system
  • Monitoring all processes and user actions

For what purposes dedicated servers are used

As we wrote earlier, there is a huge variety of implementation of dedicated servers. All depends on needs and goals of companies or organizations.In most cases, dedicated servers are rented in the following situations:

  • The project has a lot of traffic or it needs to withstand a significant load
  • To increase the level of project protection and reduce the load on the main server
  • In situations when there is a need to ensure uninterrupted access to any of the elements (databases and so on)
  • To host demanding projects that simply cannot work stably on VPS. A popular example of this is online games.
  • For re-demise. To rent  a dedicated server (for example dedicated server usa), and partly rent it out to other people is not forbidden. It all depends on the policies of the hosting provider.

Disadvantages Of a Dedicated Server 

Despite all the positive aspects, dedicated servers have weaknesses as well. Firstly, it is a relatively high cost compared to other types of hosting. However, it is worth remembering that all companies have different prices. In addition, the advantages of such servers can easily compensate for this disadvantage. For example, on our site you can  rent a server in the basic configuration at one of the lowest prices - only $ 45 per month.

It is also worth noting that for stable operation, a dedicated server will require special maintenance. In such situations you can hire a system administrator personally, or use the services of a hosting company, if it provides those. Sometimes such services are offered  free of charge, when renting a server for a long time.


Let's summarize. A dedicated server rental service is more expensive than a VPS. However, it opens up far more opportunities for the owner and gives complete freedom of action. On such servers, you can host any projects, software and operating systems. Remember that you cannot turn a VPS server into dedicated one. However, you can always make several VPS from your own dedicated server. More information on how to implement this can be found in our  earlier posted article.

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