Dedicated server key features

Dedicated server key features

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Picking a dedicated server is a crucial moment and it is essential to keep in mind that they all are different and so are the hosting solutions offered by the provider. Knowing it is hard to remember all dedicated server hosting features when looking for the right provider, we’ve picked up the most important ones and made a list for you. We really hope it’ll help you to puzzle everything out and make the right decision.

What you will learn about in this article?

Dedicated server options

1. The OS

The first good thing when choosing a dedicated server hosting solution is the ability to select the preferred operating system. It is very helpful when some of the apps require certain OS such as Linux or Windows Server, for example. Please notice, some software may require legacy OS versions, all this should be discussed with the provider prior to the agreement signing.

2. The server config

So, the possibility to choose your system is not the most important thing. Another one crucial requirement is having full control of the server to configure it the way you need it.

3. The hardware options

The dedicated servers are mostly a costly affair, therefore you should always hunt for the hosts who offer different hardware setups. As a result, you’ll get the necessary efficiency and required capacity. With such an option you will not have extra expenses as you do not pay for the equipment that’s much more powerful and needless.

In theory, you should get an options pool that covers the CPU type, the cores quantity and their speed, RAM type and size, hard disk type and capacity, RAID, and bandwidth.

4. The control panel

Speaking about the control panels, this is a holy grail for the applications and server management. There are multiple options for the companies to benefit from: Vanilla control panels, cPanel & WHM for Linux servers, or Plesk for both Windows and Linux OS.

However, cPanel and Plesk still maintain leadership being full of powerful tools, easy to navigate and having millions of users all over the world.

5. The security level

If that horrible thing had happened and your server was subjected to a hacking attack, all the IT processes could be stopped causing a huge downtime. And if there was a data breach, this could lead to legal proceedings, huge reputational damages, and penalties. According to the statistics, about 60% of organizations have to leave business in half a year after being hacked.

In view of this, the security must be the highest priority when choosing the provider. The most important points to pay attention to:

  • datacenter location
  • datacenter cyber and physical security
  • what kind of security features are included in the offered package?
  • whether they provide reliable firewalls
  • is their web application security and DDoS protection strong enough?
  • malware and virus alerting
  • availability of SSL certificates, dedicated IP address, and anti-spam function.

6. The server administration

To save more time for your company, one can just outsource the server management services to the chosen provider. This not just saves your time but also a lot of money in the long run. The server administration usually includes scheduled system updates, apps installation, patching, and server monitoring itself. Monitoring helps to maintain your server’s status and ensure its performance and efficiency are at a high level.

7. The operability

No downtime is affordable for you when the applications of high importance are running on the server. The consequent effect may be close to disastrous. With this in mind, you have to be sure the chosen provider ensures your server is going to be available at least 99.95% of the time and operate smoothly.

8. The technical assistance

Your provider’s tech team is your No.1 friend when it goes about the issues troubleshooting. And to maintain your business efficiency they must be available all day every day by any means of communication: email, phone, chat or help desk. At the end of the day, when your server goes down on Friday, you really do not want to wait until the next week to have it fixed.

This does not really play a big role but a good provider will most probably have a knowledge base with such useful information as how-to articles, tutorials, upcoming tech forums, etc.

Key takeaways

Hosting & dedicated servers help businesses to scale up their productivity and efficiency while providing good storing solutions to meet all of their application needs. At HostZealot we let you get the maximum from the dedicated servers:

  1. you choose the OS
  2. pick the hardware and control panel you like
  3. full freedom to configure the server according to your demands
  4. server administration and tech support 24/7/365
  5. guaranteed uptime 100% with all backups stored in case any force-majeure situations occur.

Still considering a hosting solution? Contact us and get the best consultation from top experts.

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