Metered vs unmetered bandwidth

Metered vs unmetered bandwidth

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What you will learn about in this article?

Speaking about the bandwidth, there are two ways to manage server hosting: locate the data by traffic/bandwidth, they are also called the unmetered and metered approach.

  1. Metered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
  2. The traffic amount is limited by 1Gbps connection The unmetered traffic by 1Gbps connection is available for you

If the benefits are still shady to you, let us clarify these terms prior to diving deep into facts:

  • Traffic: The data amount transferring within a certain period of time is called traffic. Data is usually defined in bytes and under the timeframe, we understand one month.
  • Bandwidth: The page uploading speed and how fast the website users download files, access, or perform a click-through, this all builds the bandwidth. So, the bandwidth gets higher when more traffic comes to your site within a certain time.

Traffic measures data volume the client is allowed to use. The provider limits data volume by traffic and it is usually counted as the data sent in one month, for instance, 15 Tb per month.

Bandwidth means the speed at which data can be transmitted to or from the server. But what does the 1Gbps hosting plan mean? Such a plan implies one can transfer 125 MB every second but the transferred data volume during the month is not limited.

An option where you are delimited by the bandwidth is called the unlimited plan, and data volume that one can transfer within a certain timeframe has its top limit.

Is the unmetered bandwidth necessary for you yet?

This is partially defined by the project you own. If your site is quite small, then it is obvious that the traffic is low and you do not have the necessity in the unmetered bandwidth because it is not going to grow that much. Still, if you run a big project on sales, your traffic is really heavy and you are going to grow even more in the near future, then you do need to scale up the bandwidth. Sooner or later it’ll turn out as the cost-effective solution that makes your website user-friendly and attracts new visitors all while saving you some money. Thus, people who use limited bandwidth options have to pay extra money every time they exceed the limit.

By choosing the unlimited bandwidth, get ready to grow your client base without any additional expenses, at the end of the day this is the goal of every business.

Who may benefit the most?

  • Online-gaming websites with high traffic ranking;
  • E-commerce companies with scheduled sales and wide clients network;
  • News & media resources with a huge amount of regular visitors and/or having spikes at peak hours;
  • Blog with a number of followers.

These are only some of the most common examples, there could be specific situations for other categories when they need to consider switching to unlimited bandwidth. By using the unmetered bandwidth plan, you’ll be able to balance out the data usage in order to follow the limits and not being charged for massive traffic amounts.

Options to meet all kinds of needs

Speaking about having your own website, you should not suffer from attracting more and more traffic. It is actually a reason to be proud of! Then why keep using that unprofitable plan and pay every time you exceed the limit? Try our 1Gbps dedicated server with unlimited bandwidth and start saving money for your company development.

At, we offer unmetered dedicated servers to cover your bandwidth demands and traffic needs, no matter what size your business is. Our offering starts at 1Gbps speed and goes up to 10Gbps. We provide cost-efficient solutions to meet your needs on all fronts, just contact our team to get a quick consultation on your case.

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