How Many Sites Can I Host On A Dedicated Server?

How Many Sites Can I Host On A Dedicated Server?

Author: HostZealot Team
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What you will learn about in this article?

Today we will give you answer to the question “how many sites can be hosted on a dedicated server?”. You will need a large number of sites depends on the type of your business and number of projects you have. As a result, the questions “where to host a big number of sites?” and “What is the limits sites on the server?” is open.

As a rule, different hosting providers have different terms of service if we consider different types of servers, but there are no restrictions on the number of databases, mailboxes, domains, subdomains and sites on dedicated servers. Can you actually host as many sites as you want?

But everything depends on the size of memory on your dedicated server. There are no restrictions on the number of sites, but there is a memory limit in fact. So you can host as many sites as you want on a dedicated server while memory allows.

Site or Domain. What’s the difference?

It is important to understand the difference when you are adding only a domain to the control panel or when you are adding a site with all the files and settings. These processes are very different.

If you add a lot of sites to a dedicated server, it use up a lot of disk space and consume more RAM and the processor. The number of users on your sites can grow over time and the server’s load will accordingly increase. And do not forget about the specifications of your sites. The more complex  and heavier the site, the more resources you need to support it.

Other side

But there is always the other side. And there are factors affecting the operation of your sites. Depending on where you host your data and on which type of server and where is located. You need to consider the location of your server depending on your target audience. For example, a big part of your audience located in Europe, so it’s better to be hosted on a dedicated server in Sweden or the Netherlands for better speed.

The last factor is the number of users on the site. Of course, you can try to predict, but everything will not go the way you expect it, which may entail large flows of users.

Based on the above factors, it can be concluded that it is almost impossible to know in advance how much resources will be needed to support all your projects and it is possible to overrun or deficit.


If you chose to host your websites on a shared server you should know some facts:

  • There are about 250 accounts average hosted on shared servers;
  • There are 3-5 domains average issued for each account;
  • So there are 900-1100 websites average hosted on one server.

As a result, it is better to host on the dedicated servers for a large number of sites. It is important to consider their location, so a dedicated server in the United States will differ in speed from a dedicated server in the Netherlands depends on the territoriality of your target audience.

In the end it is worth mentioning about optimization. The better optimized and configured your sites, the faster they work and take less space on the server and require less resources. Both your users and you benefit from this, because you are getting more resources to host even more  sites. That’s why it is more correct to ask the question “How can I optimize my websites better?“ instead of “How much can I host sites on a dedicated server?”

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