How to choose a dedicated server for Forex

How to choose a dedicated server for Forex

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Trading currencies for profit requires constant attention from the trader, so a dedicated server for Forex should work around the clock and be stable. Dedicated Server is an optimal choice of hosting for placing servers in the business sector because in this scenario the client is provided with a fully functional physical machine whose computing power is not available for other users. The client, who rents Dedicated server, can always be confident in the stability and fault tolerance of their servers due to such advantages:

  1. Full control over hardware and software. The tenant of the dedicated server can install any OS and additional software, change the configuration of the server hardware at his own discretion. In this case the client has the only authority to use resources, and no other "neighbors" on the server hardware can lay claim to them, even temporarily, because there cannot exist any neighbors in the first place - this significantly increases fault tolerance and responsiveness of servers.
  2. Increased network security. As a rule, a dedicated Forex server and its database are located on a separate machine, and therefore a cybercriminal who managed to gain superuser privileges on the web-server, still can not seriously damage the database. The reason is that in this scenario, the attacker is not allowed to have access to the whole SQL, but only to some procedures that are physically incapable of causing tangible damage.
  3. Providing uninterrupted access to hardware power. Dedicated server for Forex is often placed on several different physical machines, which allows you to keep the server in working condition around the clock, even when scheduled maintenance work.
  4. Extended possibilities for webmastering. A dedicated Forex server technician has access to all the key configuration options and can install additional software and in other ways customize the servers to meet the needs of the organization.
  5. Faster and more stable operation and reduced page load times thanks to the fact that the rented facilities are at the customer's exclusive disposal.
  6. Excellent scalability - if necessary, you can increase the hardware capacity of the server and increase its computing power.

All of the above-mentioned advantages are extremely important for the Forex market, because it is important for a trader:

  • To always stay online and be in touch;
  • To be able to continue working at any time of the day.

Forex trading terminals must operate automatically at any time of day and night, and there is nothing better than a properly configured dedicated server to ensure this.

What to look for when choosing a dedicated server for Forex

The first and most important - geolocation. To minimize the response time when accessing the server, the route to the exchange should be as short as possible. This will reduce delays and, consequently, increase the efficiency of traders.

The second point - to study Dedicated server pricing plans, because the available configurations may differ from each other greatly. It is important to determine which characteristics of the hardware will be optimal for your tasks. We are talking about:

  • Amount of RAM;
  • Processor power, number of cores;
  • The capacity of the storage drive, and the read and write speeds.

As a rule, on a dedicated server for Forex, you do not need to store any large amounts of data, so the speed of the drive is of secondary importance, but the overall performance of the system can be critical in intensive trading.

Why rent a dedicated Forex server

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