Ukrainian and foreign analogs of Russian software

Ukrainian and foreign analogs of Russian software

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One can go down in history in different ways. One can lead the anti-Hitler coalition, become W. Churchill or F. Roosevelt. One can develop the Special Theory of Relativity, the quantum theory of the photoelectric effect, as well as make a number of other revolutionary scientific discoveries, becoming Einstein. One can discover penicillin and save hundreds of millions of people from scarlet fever, staphylococcus aureus, angina, and other diseases that today we can easily cope with through antibiotics. And become Alexander Fleming, go down in history as one of the greatest microbiologists of the era.

And one can also turn one’s country into a neo-fascist state, strip the Russian people of everything, build total censorship, unleash a bloody war, and provoke the amputation of one’s own markets from the global world economic system. This is how Russian President Putin decided to go down in history, who has been preventing Ukrainians from living in peace for 8 years now.

Why users are abandoning Russian software

The senseless and bloodthirsty war is the reason why not only users, but entire countries refuse to work with Russia. And in many cases it did not even require any specific laws - people themselves began to go on principle and refuse to consume products that are in one way or another associated with the terrorist state.

Here are the main reasons why users abandon Russian software:

  • reputational losses – few want to make money cooperating with an occupier;
  • a matter of principle – against the backdrop of the horrors that the Russian army is doing in Ukraine, people just don't want anything to do with it;
  • lack of trust in Russian developers – you can never be sure that your corporate data will fall into the wrong hands when working with Russians.

People understand one simple thing: Russian companies pay taxes to the Russian state. And if you buy a product, order a service, or use their software in Russia, you are indirectly a sponsor. Your money will be used to buy Iranian drones and to build ballistic missiles that fly on the heads of Ukrainians. And if you do not want to be the architect of this threat, we recommend you switch to Ukrainian and foreign analogs of Russian software, if possible. And we will help you with this.

Replacing the Tilda builder for your website

For a long time Tilda was the most popular website builder in Ukraine, but after February 24, 2022 it became a mass abandonment in favor of foreign and Ukrainian counterparts. Here is a selection of the most worthy alternatives.


The platform is international, headquartered in Tel Aviv, with separate offices also in New York, Sao Paulo, Dnepr, Kyiv, Vilnius, San Francisco, and several other major cities around the world.

Benefits of Wix:

  • availability of Ukrainian localization;
  • user-friendly and well-thought-out interface;
  • there is no binding to long-term tariffs, you can take a one-month subscription if you want;
  • advanced visual editor;
  • there are modules for online stores and blogs;
  • frequently receives updates that expand functionality and improve security;
  • cheap pricing plans.

As for the disadvantages, users of the free version will have to deal with them. These are ads built into the site and the lack of ability to save content when changing the template. The users of the paid subscription will not encounter such nuances.


Free builder with a visual editor and nifty control panel. The standard features of Weblium allow:

  • add an unlimited number of pages to the site;
  • to change the arrangement of blocks by simple drag-and-drop;
  • add new blocks and remove unnecessary interface elements;
  • automatically adapt the interface to mobile devices;
  • connect SSL and ensure that the site is protected by support specialists.

The builder has a decent built-in CRM system and offers a flexible system for setting up pop-ups for different scenarios.

There is, however, one significant disadvantage of Weblium – the lack of flexibility in terms of design. Making a site truly unique and inimitable in terms of the visual component will be difficult. But for the average online store, there is no urgent need for this.


Another foreign builder, allows you to create websites from scratch without knowledge of HTML. The advantages of this platform:

  • the ability to export sites;
  • there is a function of forming a report on SEO-analysis with the help of an auxiliary tool MarketGoo;
  • Adaptive design is implemented;
  • customers get a free domain and SSL certificate;
  • The Weebly App Center allows you to expand basic functions;
  • A special mobile app allows you to create or edit websites via your smartphone or tablet.

The disadvantages, as usual, are aimed at guys who are looking for free cheese. If you're a user of the free version, be prepared for not being able to access the knowledge base and video tutorials on Weebly, you'll have to figure it out on your own. The same goes for chat or phone support – that's the privilege of those who pay.

Otherwise, it is a chic builder with a lot of interesting features and possibilities. It can easily replace Tilda or any other Russian builder.

ukrainian and foreign analogs of russian software

An open-source content management system that supports a huge number of different plugins. Provides full control over the blog in terms of visual design and monetization. This CMS:

  • is regularly updated and improved;
  • has a flexible Gutenberg editor;
  • allows you to change the code of the template and adapt it to your needs.

Thanks to the possibility of correcting the code you can create a truly unique and distinctive site, but for this, you need some knowledge of HTML.

It is worth noting that the WordPress builder is quite heavy, so to implement a large number of functions will have to install new extensions, which will increasingly load the server


Page builder for WordPress, is an alternative to the standard Gutenberg editor. A key feature of Elementor is the availability of ready-made sections, pages, and entire sites that can be imported into your hosting. This approach allows you to save a lot of money at the development stage.

Replacing CRM Bitrix24

Another Russian service for business management, which was popular in Ukraine, and which many began to give up. Finding a replacement for this CRM will not be easy, because the Western analogs are not always localized in Ukraine. Nevertheless, we have prepared the most worthy alternatives to CRM Bitrix24.

Huge Profit

A merchandise business management system that allows you to automate all major financial processes. Often used by both large marketplaces and small retail stores. Main advantages:

  • there is a detailed accounting of merchandise units, sales, and expenses;
  • Printing of receipts, and price tags;
  • iOS or Android users can download a separate application that provides access to all statistics and basic system functions;
  • implemented integration WooCommerce, Prom, Rozetka, which is especially valuable for many Ukrainian entrepreneurs;
  • There is integration with CheckBox.

The Huge Profit system is multi-currency and even supports Telegram Bot. This greatly simplifies international trading.


One of the largest ecosystems in the West, with an estimated 50 million users as of 2020. It is also good for Ukrainians because it has a Russian-language interface. The ideal segment for the use of Zoho is medium-sized businesses that need to quickly solve tasks. The CRM is also suitable:

  • B2B;
  • online business;
  • online stores;
  • companies that promote some kind of service.

Zoho has a thoughtful design and is suitable even for remote workers. The ability to automate all key processes, cross-platform and flexible ecosystem – all this makes Zoho CRM a serious competitor to any Russian product. A separate note should be made of the analytical BI system, with which you can quickly build reports and dashboards of any complexity.

Replacement of 1C for online accounting

Accounting product 1C:Accounting is really difficult to replace because there is very little software that provides the same level of convenience and capabilities. Let's take a look at five major ones:

  1. BookKeeper. This platform of Ukrainian developers allows automating accounting, including non-current assets. Settlement control, price formation, cash, and non-cash transactions, work with suppliers, and payroll accounting – in general, all key functions that Ukrainian entrepreneurs usually use in 1C are implemented here. And if necessary, the system allows you to implement custom solutions.
  2. QuickBooks. This solution is not cheap, since it is aimed at the Western market, but its functionality is not only as good as that of 1C, but in many respects it is even better. There are mechanisms here that significantly facilitate the process of paying taxes, inventory automation is implemented, and in-depth analytical data allow you to assess the current state of affairs at any time. In addition, clients have access to a mobile application, from which all major processes are much easier to manage.
  3. Debit Plus. Another Ukrainian service that allows you to keep records at several levels at once, from fixed assets and cash operations to inventory and payroll. All subsystems of the program are automated, which greatly facilitates the work of accountants. Focused on the Ukrainian market, adapted to our realities.
  4. Master:Accounting. A software product for accounting and tax accounting, which is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as utility companies. Profile industry solutions for housing and communal services, medicine, and agro-industrial enterprises are an advantage. There are both cloud-based and stationary software solutions.

In general, there are plenty of alternatives. The main thing is not to be afraid of change.

JivoSite online chat replacement

This tool can be replaced by these solutions:

  • Livechat;
  • Binotel;
  • HelpCrunch.

There are a huge number of widgets, and if necessary, you can even develop your own, up to using Telegram or other messengers.

Replacing the LightShot service for screenshots

Same story – there are a lot of free and paid services that allow you to take a screenshot in one click and upload it immediately to a cloud server. For example:

  • Monosnap;
  • CloudApp;
  • Cleanshot X.

There are no problems with replacing the service for screenshots, you can easily find alternatives among services of both Ukrainian and foreign developers. If necessary, you can even do without third-party services. For example, the Win+Shift+S combination works in Windows: you need to open the messenger and use Ctrl+V to send a screenshot to your interlocutor.

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