Features of VPS in Canada

Features of VPS in Canada

Author: HostZealot Team
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What you will learn about in this article?

In our opinion, every successful project should needs to own a website. It helps attract more customers and increases target audience. Fortunately, these days, there are  lots of solutions from hosting providers in this regard, starting from shared hosting to dedicated servers. However, in today's article we will talk about VPS. Particularly, we will figure out what a vps server represents in Canada.

Why choose a VPS  

VPS or VDS are a more economical and modern alternative to a dedicated server. In fact, you have at your disposal,a separate place on a physical machine, placed in a data center with allotted resources. At the same time, your project will be absolutely independent of other sites located in the neighborhood. Even if they are“down”,  this will not affect the functioning of your website. In addition, you can decide which operating system , as well as additional third-party software to install on the VPS.


It is worth noting that, compared to conventional shared hosting, VPS / VDS has greater bandwidth and scalability. This means that the site will not load slowly even with a large number of visitors. And in case you don’t have enough resources allotted, you can always increase them simply by contacting the hosting support service.


Pay attention to the fact that you can rent a VPS in any country, depending on the target audience. This is especially important for the Chinese market. We wrote about this earlier in a separate article. You can get more information  here. Today we wanted to cover few points on what server rental is, in Canada.


Advantages of VPS in Canada

Just note that our VPS in Canada are not inferior in its technical characteristics to virtual private servers in other countries. The only thing to consider is countries from which visitors will enter your website. If your goal is to attract a North American audience to the project, then Canada VPS is definitely your choice. While renting a VPS in Canada from our company, you will be provided with the following:



  •  Backup storage;

 All your data will be stored on an independent medium. You can make a backup at any moment with there help, or simply make a copy  for yourself.

  •  KVM virtualization;        

This technology allows you to completely isolate all virtual private servers from each other and provides flexible options for installing the OS and software.

  •  Remote control;        

No matter where in the world you are, you can always manage your project. Subject to  Internet access, of course.

  • Storage media on SSD;        

VPS in Canada uses modern SSD drives . This means that access to your project and processing of all data will occur in a matter of milliseconds.

  • Multi- platform;        

Our VPS servers can work both on Linux, and with OS from the Microsoft company .

  •  Variability when choosing a control panel; 

Our company provides you with both paid and free solutions to this issue. Even people without experience will be able to cope with our “Control Panels”.

  •  Customer support 24/7;        

Hostzealot specialists are always in contact. If you should encounter any difficulties while using VPS / VDS , our support team will help you solve them in a matter of minutes. In addition, in the data centers themselves in Canada, constantly available are specialists, who monitor the proper functioning of the equipment.



When choosing a VPS server for your project, be sure to consider the target audience. Server rental in Canada is ideal for those companies that are heading for the North American market. For our part, we offer services that will allow renting VPS in the shortest possible time. Consider ordering VPS in Canada here.

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