What you need to know when renting Hong Kong VPS

What you need to know when renting Hong Kong VPS

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If you want to rent a VPS server for your business, then be sure to pay attention not only to the technical characteristics of the physical machine, but also to the country. This is especially important for the Chinese market. Many factors depend on the location of the VPS server, which could be key in reaching the target audience. From this article, you will learn in detail, why you should  buy Hong Kong VPS, and how to check the performance of sites located in China.

What is the need for China VPS ?

Most likely, you will ask the obvious question before reading - why use China VPS to host a site? Indeed, there is a logical explanation for this and a number of reasons.


  •  Blocking third-party sites          

In China, there is the so-called “grey-list” of sites”, which includes all resources that have not received a special license. This means that at any time your site could be blocked for whatever reason. In addition, Chinese providers practice blocking a resource by IP address. That is why a VPS server with dedicated IP in this case will be a better option compared to the normal virtual hosting.


  •  Download speed          

A site that is not located in China takes a long time to load for residents of China. This is done purposely and is a special feature of the country. If the local population is your target audience, then you definitely need to rent a server in China.


  •  Poor site ranking          

This point follows from the previous one. The vast majority of people in China use the Baidu search engine. If your site is not located in China and loads slowly, then you can’t count on high positions in the search results.


How to avoid blocking the site

We previously mentioned that a site hosted even in China may be blocked. Let's look a little more at what to do in order to prevent such from happening.

  1. First of all, be sure to use a VPS or VDS server. If you use shared hosting and a site in the neighborhood is blocked, your project will also be blocked.
  2. Do not post sexual or gambling content on the site. In our opinion, this point does not require additional explanations.
  3. Be exceptionally careful when posting information on political topics. Even an incorrectly interpreted word or mention of names of high-ranking persons, can lead to instant blocking.

If you already have a valid site in the Chinese market, but don’t know how to check for blockages and various other sanctions on it, then you need one of the following resources. At these services, you can get all the necessary information at any time.



How to purchase a server in China

Renting a Hong Kong VPS  may not be an easy task. The biggest problem is getting a special ICP license . Your site will not  load without providing this license number, even if you paid for hosting and bought a domain. The license itself is free. However, to receive it, you and your site must meet certain requirements. You can always find out more from the Chinese hosting provider from whom you intend to rent VPS . For example, through the Wanwang resource, you can immediately purchase a domain in China, buy hosting and register a license. Alternatively, you can use any other resource. It is only important to remember that it should be directly related to the PRC, and not to other countries.


Also, nothing stops you from renting a hosting from any provider of Hong Kong VPS hosting at its disposal. Our company Hostzealot, for example, provides such a service. All you need to do is to register a domain and obtain a license.



As you can see, it is possible to start your own business project in China, but for that, you need to fulfill a number of requirements. They are justified if you intend to enter the local market. Otherwise, you can always use servers in any other country in the world.

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