What is a virtual dedicated server and why is it the best offer for you

What is a virtual dedicated server and why is it the best offer for you

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VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server or VPS) is a virtual dedicated server that is similar to a physical server and can be located anywhere in the world. You get a server with full access to customise and modify it for your needs if you order this type of server. You can fully control the server while being from thousands of kilometres away. And finally, you can freely install any operating system and software on such  servers.

Why is it better to choose VPS than Shared hosting?

Virtual dedicated server is a perfect choice for you if you need full control of your operating system or need to install your software. Performance is another benefit of such servers. Of course, it will vary depending on the tariff you choose, but in general, these types of servers provide an excellent level of performance compared to shared hosting. In comparison to VPS, you will only have limited software (only initially installed by the provider) and limited resources, when you are using shared hosting, because the performance will depend on the consumption of resources on your " neighbors".

About the origins

Nowadays, there are more and more sites appear on the Internet that require servers to maintain. So the number of servers is growing, as well as their capacity. Servers can be purchased and maintained in person or rent from providers. The most common is the second option. 

The client gets a separate server connected to the global network on which can store any of their data and use remotely, when he is renting such servers.

About Virtuality

Where did the name of the VDS servers come from? Now the new hypervisor technologies allow you to separate the operating system from the hardware on dedicated servers and thus divide one server into several "virtual" servers. And as all this was implemented on a dedicated server, the word "dedicated" gave on the one side more clarity and the other side a marketing appeal and value.

A big benefit for virtual servers is flexibility in terms of performance. You can increase power by adding the number of processors, by upgrading the amount of RAM or by adding HDD/SSD disks, as well as reduce it if necessary with such virtual servers. This is also possible with a physical server, but there could be time delays if the hardware is not available at the moment. And so there will also be time spent on equipment selection, ordering, delivery, installation, which can significantly increase the waiting time. This is about performance improvement, but if you need to reduce it, you get quite a stalemate situation, because there is very little chance to sell unnecessary equipment. 

About safety and reliability

A virtual or hardware dedicated server gives you complete control over your system, software, configuration, client information. It also requires some skills to manage this kind of systems.  

In case of various failures or intrusions on the server, you may require fast data recovery. This is where the virtual server wins against the hardware server, as the VPS has much more tools for restoring data. It is much easier to restore or recreate from a template.

All-in-one service

Nowadays, cloud services are gaining in popularity, there are more opportunities and options for choosing consumption patterns such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and others. Now we are talking about a virtual server with the most universal model - Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). IaaS provides full access to software and application installation, server configuration and data in comparison with other models. You can create an environment that is completely suitable for you, from system selection, software to network configurations and server settings by using VDS as a basis.


Both types of servers allow to create a universal and unique system for the client. But if you need a fast and lossless "pumping" of the server, the option with a virtual dedicated server looks more attractive. The same is for possible performance degradation. 

If you look at security and recovery speed the virtual server wins again for its flexibility.

We hope this article will help you in choosing a server for yourself. You can find the full list of servers by links for virtual virtual and dedicated.

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