Why choose VPS with Ubuntu

Why choose VPS with Ubuntu

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When ordering hosting services it is not enough only to determine the type of server that is suitable for your need. It is very important to choose an operating system for it. It affects a lot: stability, safety, functionality, the flexibility of settings, ease of administration, etc. It is especially important for VPS. In this article, we will explain why Ubuntu is a great choice!

What are the advantages of the Ubuntu server?

In order to appreciate all the advantages of this operating system, the conversation should be as comprehensive as possible. Therefore, we need to compare it with its "competitors" on two fronts: Windows and other Linux distributions.

Advantages of Ubuntu over Windows

Microsoft's solution is less popular when installed on any server than the described Linux distribution. There are several reasons for that:

  • Price. Like most Linux-based operating systems, it costs you nothing - in contrast to the expensive Windows license. Moreover, on UNIX systems, the range of open-source software is many times wider than for Microsoft operating systems. This also allows you to save money.
  • Versatility. This OS works well with almost all languages, web servers like Nginx and Apache, scripts, databases MySQL and PostgreSQL, network protocols (including SSH), etc. Renting a virtual server on Ubuntu is not suitable in one case - if your project is on ASP.NET.
  • Flexibility. Just like with any other Linux-based operating system, with Ubuntu you have maximum possibilities of individual and fine-tuning of literally all parameters (read about the basic tuning of VPS on Linux here). Thanks to that you can easily optimize your virtual server for even the most specific needs.
  • Resource consumption. When ordering a rental VPS Windows Server should be prepared for a powerful and accordingly expensive configuration of the "iron" - these systems are considered as voracious even for the standard services. And with a not resource-intensive UNIX system, you can pick up more affordable hosting.

why choose vps with ubuntu

The advantage of VPS rental on Ubuntu against other Linux distros

A separate question is why is it worth installing this particular operating system and not some other Unix-like. If we compare it to the most popular Debian and CentOS, Ubuntu has a lot of advantages! We'll describe the main ones:

  • Friendliness. Whether you use a GUI or a terminal, either way, installation, configuration, and control of the Ubuntu operating system is much easier than its counterparts. Yes, users will still need some skills to work with it (compared to Windows), but this distribution kit is by far the best solution for familiarization with Linux family.
  • Updates. You can easily keep your Ubuntu-based server and all of your software up to date. This operating system is updated with enviable regularity (depending on the version every 6 months or 2 years) and maintained up to 4-5 years, giving you fresh solutions. CentOS and especially Debian are not so fast with updates.
  • Community. Ubuntu creators can advise commercial customers (which Debian does not). Although, even without their help users of this operating system will always help with most questions on the rental and configuration of a virtual server. After all, there is an extensive community and many ready-made tutorials (in what loses CentOS).
  • Working with components. Ubuntu comes already installed with a large set of drivers and firmware. With Debian, you have to spend time and effort to find and install them. If something is missing in OS, there is a convenient package manager apt-get. In contrast, CentOS uses the yum command and RPMs from a central repository.
  • Containerization. The operating system we have reviewed is very well suited to run as a virtual server with Docker and Kubernetes - that is, suitable for container and cloud deployments, which are becoming more and more popular every day. However, this is also true for Debian, so the gain here only goes against CentOS.

The list of benefits of this operating system could go on for a long time, but it is important to note that it also has disadvantages. For example, its Linux counterparts are considered to be slightly more stable and safer. And although in most situations, it is great for hosting, it is still better to make a comprehensive assessment of the specific needs of your project and on that basis have to choose the software. We at HostZealot will definitely help you with that!

With us you can not just rent VPS on Ubuntu, but also competent consultations with technical support. We will be happy to answer all your questions and suggest the best solution. Moreover, we have VPS with different versions of operating systems such as Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD and Windows. And in each case, you are provided with a wide range of configurations and flexible pricing plans!

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