Advantages and disadvantages of landing pages

Advantages and disadvantages of landing pages

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Under the category Landing Page fall absolutely all one-page sites, which briefly and concisely disclose information about the service or products, motivating the visitor to take some action. To subscribe, make an order, call by phone number, write in Telegram, Viber or any other messenger, or just download something from the site. We create our websites with an eye on a narrow audience, so their design, interface, and text content are formed taking into account the personality type of the visitors, their tastes, and preferences.

Next in the article we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of single-page sites, as well as tell you how best to choose a VPS for a landing page.

Advantages of the landing

The main advantages of this kind of site are the utmost simplicity and efficiency. The maximum lightweight structure and a minimum of content make the landings extremely effective in terms of perception – a person in the first couple of minutes after the visit receives all the important information – through visual images and text blocks.

Hence another advantage – the affordable cost. Not much text is needed, but it has to be creative, catchy, and enticing. One way or another, filling a page is cheaper than writing content for multi-page sites and all existing categories. The same goes for design and visuals.

The next important advantage is the speed of developing and launching a website. With normal specialists and a clear vision of the project, it will take only a couple of days to implement it, and maybe even less. This allows you to quickly enter the niche and start taking orders.

advantages and disadvantages of landing pages

Among other things, landings are considered an extremely versatile tool for attracting attention. With their help you can:

  • call to action and direct the visitor directly to the merchant's site;
  • interest the potential audience with a trial period before signing up for a paid subscription;
  • get leads from blogs – encourage people to leave their contacts in exchange for some interesting or exclusive content;
  • Increase the number of subscribers to the news content;
  • attract to register for some events – from concerts and lectures to webinars and online courses.

In general, it all depends on your goals and objectives, and with the right approach, landing can be adapted to absolutely any project.

The minuses of the banding

The main disadvantage of all one-page sites is that these kinds of sites cannot be the only channel for communication with the audience. As a rule, they perform the role of an enticing showcase, but then you need to build a loyal audience and redirect it somewhere for further communication and engagement.

A landing page is a one-time tool, and then you need to retain an audience in other ways. Multipage sites or some special communities in messengers will do.

Well, do not forget that today's Internet users are often irritated by direct and intrusive advertising, so you have to try hard to interest and attract the attention of the audience. Creative and unconventional design solutions to help you.

How to choose a VPS for a website

Single-page sites have very modest requirements for server capacity, so even the most inexpensive VPS with 1-2 CPU cores and 1 GB of RAM will do. The main thing - choose a server based on high-speed NVMe-drive, because it will greatly accelerate the loading of pages for all visitors.

Also, an important criterion when choosing is geolocation – try to choose a VPS with a location in the region that will be as close as possible to your target audience.

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