Top 5 best website builders

Top 5 best website builders

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The 21st century is already in its third decade, and modern technology has greatly simplified the lives of both developers and ordinary entrepreneurs who need a website to work. For the design and layout of the site in most cases, you do not need a programmer, and most of the work can be done with the help of a universal website builder, which will allow for a few hours to "build" a landing page, blog or even a full online store. Yes, this method has its disadvantages:

What you will learn about in this article?
  • You may end up with overly cumbersome HTML code;
  • It is difficult to create a unique and distinctive design, the site will look like a template in 90% of cases;
  • Most often there is no possibility to edit the code manually afterward;
  • When using the designer will need to make a certain fee to its developers for the site.

However, despite all the disadvantages, it is much cheaper and faster compared to handwritten website creation, so this service is very popular with both small entrepreneurs and large companies. Next in the article we will talk about the top five designers of those that are available today.


One of the world's most popular builders, often used by beginners because of its extreme simplicity and elegance without sacrificing functionality. It has all the editing tools you need for simple drag-and-drop editing, as well as an impressive arsenal of various functions for deep design customization.

Websites built on Wix can be quite unique because the available tools allow you to edit any elements in ready-made templates. In addition, it is possible to create your own applications, connect the database, and work with the code at an advanced level with the Velo module. A serious advantage will also be a built-in CRM system, SEO wizard, and analytical center - all this will greatly simplify not only the development and configuration but also promotion.

The Wix platform is regularly updated and improved, and the cost of the plans is one of the lowest on the market. At the time of writing, the site plans range in price from $4.5 to $24.5 per month. Business & eCommerce plans are more expensive at $17 to $35. You can read more about the terms and nuances of all plans at the developers' official website.


This is a modular designer with a flexible visual editor, where there are already ready-made blocks from which you can quickly create a site for any project. This includes text, images, and other elements. There are about 400 different blocks in the arsenal, and their number is growing every year. Tilda is suitable for those who need to quickly create one of the following types of sites:

  • company website;
  • landing page;
  • online store;
  • promo page;
  • a portfolio for a specialist;
  • corporate blog;
  • blog, long read, or media.

It is especially nice to work with text – Tilda allows you to change fonts, color, indents, spacing, etc. Also integrated into the platform are tools for working with multimedia:

  • Integration of videos from YouTube or Vimeo;
  • creation of own video galleries;
  • ability to integrate text into videos;
  • insert video or audio in an HTML block;
  • integration with SoundCloud and Coub.

Benefits include good adaptability for mobile devices so that you are unlikely to have problems with the correct display of the site on desktop devices, smartphones, or tablets.

As with Wix, there is a built-in CRM that collects all requests from the site. This makes it easier for you to structure customer data – heir mail, phone numbers, registration date, etc.

For search engine optimization, Tilda has an extensive toolkit that allows you to do everything from setting up HTTPS and connecting Google Search Console to adjusting indexing parameters. This is a powerful and versatile builder, which is sure to justify every penny invested. Speaking of which, the plans here are inexpensive, ranging from 200 to 400 UAH per month. Also, there is a free trial period, so you can test everything and think whether you need it or it is better to find another builder.

top 5 best website builders


Squarespace was originally developed as a SaaS-based content management system, and the website builder itself was just an additional feature that simplified the creation and maintenance of blogs. A few years ago, everything changed and the platform received a lot of major upgrades that have greatly expanded its functionality, and now it is a full-fledged website builder with all the necessary tools on board.

Squarespace is a fairly sophisticated website builder that has a lot to offer creatives and companies alike. It's not the easiest to use a website builder on the market, but it won't take you long to get used to it, and the end result will surpass even your wildest expectations.

What Squarespace really stands out is the design of the templates – they are the best on the market and perfect for creatives who need an impressive and original website in terms of design. If you want to stand out from millions of other sites, this is your choice. In addition to deep and layered visual customization, Squarespace also offers a huge set of features that will allow you to implement features ranging from the ability to leave comments to integrating content from other sources.

There will be numerous text, graphic, and video tutorials in all of the world's languages to get to grips with Squarespace. The platform is more in demand among European entrepreneurs, but on the Ukrainian market, it has many admirers.

Let's take a walk through the key advantages of Squarespace website builder:

  • suitable for creatives, allows the codifier to create truly unique blocks and entire pages;
  • high uptime;
  • Designer comes with a free SSL certificate and a domain name;
  • powerful page editor;
  • There are analytical tools and a solid marketing component, for example, the possibility of automated mailings based on pre-prepared email layouts;

Squarespace has a 14-day free trial. If you like the trial, you can complete your registration and subscribe to one of the plans.


Another versatile website builder that experienced webmasters will appreciate – this platform contains 7 sections, each of which contains tools for creating websites from scratch. You can work with the structure of pages, add widgets, text, and multimedia, change the site design theme at your discretion, edit SEO parameters, etc.

Weebly contains many beautiful templates that are suitable for the development of an online store, online business card site, or blog. For online stores in general everything is perfect here – there is even an integrated shopping cart, secure payment, and built-in filters with which you can sort all the products.

Its only drawback is weak localization to Slavic languages. If this is important to you, then it is better to look towards other platforms from our top 5 best website builders.


Shopify is a full-fledged purebred e-commerce platform that is ideal for creating online stores. You'll be able to sell products or services to customers online, in mobile apps, through social sites, or even in person - the widest range of e-commerce options are implemented here. Shopify has access to all popular sales channels, in particular:

  • Facebook;
  • Amazon;
  • Pinterest;
  • Lyst;
  • Tik-Tok;
  • Instagram and others.

The platform supports more than 100 different payment systems, so it is gradually gaining international status. The constructor itself is flexible and deep, but in terms of functionality and originality, it is still inferior to Wix or Tilda.

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial for everyone, so you can try everything yourself before buying the plan.

This concludes our piece and thanks for your attention. We hope at least one website builder out of our top five will work for you. Have a nice day!

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