What is unlimited hosting: pros and cons

What is unlimited hosting: pros and cons

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Without adequate hosting, it is impossible to ensure the normal operation of sites and other projects that are accessed remotely. The quality of hosting depends on how stable the site will work, how fast it will load. And the faster the server will exchange data with visitors, the better – including for ranking the site by search engines. Both Google, Yahoo!, and any other search engine try to bring those websites that load quickly and with minimal ping to the TOP for key queries. That is why it is so important to rent a server closer to the region where your target audience lives.

Advantages of unlimited hosting

Here we got close to the main advantage of unlimited hosting is the absence of any restrictions on traffic. That is, you can safely post any information on the site and upload large files without fear of monthly overspending. In the case of limited hosting, there are restrictions on the amount of data that the server can exchange with clients. And if you do not invest in this limit, then you will have to pay extra for overspending. No limits, no problem, simple as that.

Depending on the hosting provider, the lack of restrictions may also mean:

  1. Unlimited number of domains opened on one account.
  2. The ability to place links of any size and format on the site.
  3. No restrictions on the number of registered mailboxes.
  4. Unlimited amount of disk space – you can upload as much data to the server as you need.

On the fourth point, you need to be careful – some hosting providers may set limits on the number of files that can be uploaded to the server in small print in the contract. This is usually something around 200,000 files, but the figure may vary. That is, the volume of these files is not limited, but their number is. Here the client may face an unpleasant surprise if they store light files on the server, but in large quantities, like photos, pictures, illustrations, text documents, etc.

What other restrictions can there be on unlimited hosting

Firstly, you will not be able to host an infinite number of sites on the server. Each site increases the load on the computing power of the server, so there are usually limitations in this regard. It depends on the hoster, everything is individual, and if you search, you can find such service providers that do not set limits on the number of sites. But there are pitfalls here, too – for example, space on an SSD drive is limited, which is why you will not be able to physically launch a conditional thousand sites. How much you can fit into the 50-100 GB provided by your chosen plan is up to you.

what is unlimited hosting: pros and cons

The second nuance concerns an unlimited number of mailboxes. According to the contract, it will really look attractive, but in fact it may turn out that there is a limit on the number of letters received or sent over a certain period of time. If you are engaged in mass mailing, then you can reach this limit pretty quickly. Well, as a result of exceeding the restrictions, you will simply be turned off the mail service.

It is also worth saying a few words about unlimited traffic. If we are talking about a dedicated server or VPS, then there really will be no limits – you will have a separate channel with a certain bandwidth, which in 99% of cases will cover all your needs. But as for shared hosting, then there may already be restrictions. After all, in addition to you, projects of a number of other clients will be hosted on the server, and no one will allow you occupy the whole channel. But shared hosting is much cheaper compared to a dedicated server, so it’s only natural.

Who is suitable for unlimited shared hosting

If you are striving to develop your project with maximum efficiency and efficiency, then unlimited hosting is ideal. It is only important to understand that cunning hosters can set certain restrictions, which at first glance may seem reasonable and adequate, but in fact neutralize all the advantages of "unlimited" in general. Therefore, when choosing, carefully study and analyze the contract and the description of the service, do not hesitate to ask questions. In general, keep a healthy skepticism and be picky – this is the only way you can reach a provider with the "right" unlimited hosting.

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