Thank You Page

Thank You Page

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Experienced developers of websites and Landing Pages necessarily create a thank you, because it greatly increases the likelihood that people will return again, and that they will feel some pleasant emotion from cooperation with you. The visitor sees it every time he makes a target action – completes a purchase, confirms an order, or subscribes to a newsletter.

Why do we need a thank you page?

It's important to understand that creating a good thank you page is not enough to create a pop-up box that says "Thank you for your order, our manager will get back to you." That's cold, and it doesn't work. In most cases, a person won't even read such a message and will try to close the annoying pop-up as soon as possible.

Even more, if the thank you page is empty, boring, and uninteresting, it can provoke just the opposite effect – cause irritation. Just by the fact that it is. And because of the unpleasant residue a so-called "buyer's remorse syndrome" can arise, so you are likely to lose a customer.

Thus, the gratitude page should be created wisely, understanding what elements it is built from, and the marketing principles that can increase its effectiveness in producing a positive experience for visitors.

Important elements for the Thank You Page

Start with a simple and kind phrase "Thank you”. Don't be verbose and don't try to grovel in front of the client – thank with dignity. Next, you need to let the person know that he/she did the right thing and that he/she will not regret his/her decision. To do this, it is recommended to give a little explanation about what will happen next. Here are a few examples:

  • Thank you! Check your email within half an hour, and we're already hard at work on your order.
  • Thank you for your interest. Now you will receive information about promotions and updates to the specified email – we promise to send only the most important.
  • Application received! Rest and enjoy your life, your package will soon be sent to the address indicated.

That is, try to write something extraordinary, non-standard. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, but you shouldn't use boring, formulaic phrases either. It is necessary to catch the client's attention somehow, so that in his mind flashed the thought "Oh, that's something new, I'll read it.

Rewards work great. For example, if a person signed up for a newsletter – give him some kind of discount coupon for 5-10%. It's a small thing, your company won't go bankrupt, but the person will definitely enjoy it, and it's guaranteed to leave a pleasant impression of cooperation.

A competent thank you page is the hook that can begin to knit the fabric of a long-term relationship between the customer and the company. Here it is important to show care and courtesy to the visitor, as well as reward them for taking targeted action. Even the discount mentioned above is not a loss of revenue. Think of it as an investment in the future, because people are more likely to return to those stores and companies that have left behind pleasant memories.

thank you page

So, here are a few must-have elements on the Thank You Page:

  1. Acknowledgment. Concise and moderately warm, with no inflections.
  2. Confirmation that the visitor has done everything right.
  3. Call to action – you can offer to subscribe to the newsletter or see a list of fresh promotional products.
  4. Instructions for further actions are not always needed, but only if the sequence of actions is not quite obvious.
  5. Social Media Buttons – so the visitor can go to your accounts in social networks and subscribe.

There are additional elements that you can integrate, but not necessarily. These include recommendations of other materials (if you have a media outlet, for example), an opportunity to leave a review, an offer of similar products/articles/services, etc. The main thing is not to overload this page so that one doesn't get the feeling that one is in a market.

What is the role of the thank you page

There are a number of functions that Thank You Page can perform:

  • Additional Sales. If appropriate, you can gently recommend other products or services that may be of interest to them. Special algorithms are created for this purpose, which pick up "similar products".
  • Increasing the time a person spends on your site. The more time a person spends on your site – the better for SEO promotion, and the easier it will be to reach the top of search engines. Every extra second of attention retention is useful.
  • Valuable offers. Bonuses, promotions, discounts, special offers – give some kind of small gift. Offer something useful, and the client will be yours.
  • Raising the level of trust in the company. You can do this with reviews and ratings – ask the visitor to leave a few nice words.

A properly designed thank you page can not only hold a customer for a few extra seconds, but it can also contribute to additional sales. So be original and don't be afraid to experiment.

Thank You Page web analytics

This page exists to increase conversions, so it would be logical to take it into account in your analytics. To do this, we recommend setting up goals in web analytics systems right away in order to keep count of the number of leads and evaluate the effectiveness of different traffic channels.

To do this, copy the entire thank you page address as a URL and then put it in the conditions for the target. Tips like these will help here:

  • Disable the indexing of the page, so that the user can not get to it randomly before the target action;
  • Use Google Analytics to track the number of visitors who have gone through all stages of the sales funnel from start to finish;
  • Use website builders to create a beautiful and user-friendly thank you page;
  • Set the retargeting code on the thank you page.

And pay special attention to the text, so that none of your words can cause any negative reaction. It's recommended that you do a little research at the end, interviewing strangers – show them the page and see how they react.

Summing up

Remember that a thank-you page can always be improved and refined if you see over time that the target audience is not responding as intended. Experiment with different blocks and elements, add new ones, remove old ones, and measure visitor response and conversion rates. This is the only way to find the perfect thank-you page recipe for your individual case.

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