AMD Announces $400 Million Investment and Largest Development Center in India

AMD Announces $400 Million Investment and Largest Development Center in India

Author: HostZealot Team
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AMD, the renowned processor and video card manufacturer, is gearing up for a significant investment of $400 million in India over the next five years. As part of this strategic move, the company plans to establish its largest development center in Bangalore. This announcement was made by AMD CTO Mark Peipermeister during the prestigious SemiconIndia 2023 semiconductor conference held in Gujarat.

By the end of this year, AMD will inaugurate a state-of-the-art development center in Bangalore covering an impressive area of 46,451 square meters. With this addition, the total count of AMD facilities in India will reach 10, signifying the company's strengthened commitment to the country's thriving technology landscape.

Having commenced operations in India back in 2001, AMD has steadily grown its local workforce, which currently boasts more than 6,500 dedicated employees along with 3,000 esteemed partners and contractors. The company plans to further augment its workforce by hiring an additional 3,000 engineers by the end of 2028.

This move aligns well with India's ambitious goal of establishing itself as a prominent global hub for the semiconductor industry. In 2021, the government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, unveiled a substantial $10 billion incentive program aimed at stimulating the semiconductor sector and encouraging the establishment of fabs in the country. Although the initial financing scheme faced challenges, the government swiftly revised it in June to make it more appealing to potential investors.

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