Opening VPS HDD in Amsterdam

Opening VPS HDD in Amsterdam

Author: HostZealot Team
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Good day everybody! Due to numerous requests from customers in need of a cost-effective hosting solution with large storage capacity, we would like to announce the launch of VPS on HDD drives. With it, you can store huge amounts of data, run programs that require a lot of storage space, as well as set up regular backups and all this for a low price. Significantly cheaper than SSD or NVMe storage.

Benefits of HDD VPS


No one will deny the fact that HDD is the cheapest storage option available on market. That's why, before opting for SSD or NVMe, think twice, if you really need their benefits, like better speed, performance, and reliability, or perhaps all of your tasks can be successfully performed by more cost-efficient HDD drives.

Significant amounts of storage

An HDD drive is not only cheaper but also can give you significantly bigger storage space. If you don’t need to work with the data in an intensive way, but instead need your storage to store vast arrays of archived information or to run storage-heavy, but not very fast applications, HDD VPS will be a perfect match.

Perfect for backups

Another task HDD drives are really good for is backups. Backing up your data is a necessary measure if your data is really worthy for you. Considering the way backups are made - once in a while and at a moderate pace, an HDD VPS will cope perfectly with this task.

HDD VPS by HostZealot

If HDD VPS now seems to meet the needs of your project, then make sure to check our offers. We can provide you with various plans of cheap and powerful HDD VPS in a reliable data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can read about the available plans by clicking here.

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