DDR5-8800 memory modules were presented

DDR5-8800 memory modules were presented

Author: HostZealot Team
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Micron has presented 256GB DDR5-8800 memory modules. The company demonstrated the modules for the latest servers at the GTC event. Previously, information about the modules was also available on the web and the product testing phase was reported.

The company presented a fairly large module, but there are also plans to launch a standard-height MCRDIMM. The two MCRDIMM modules are based on 32GB DDR5 blocks, the standard one operates with 2Ni packages, and the large one consists of 80 chips. The standard module heats up more, and this is due to poor heat dissipation. In terms of power consumption, the module requires 20 watts.

MCR DIMM memory operates with the help of two-rank modules. With this approach, 2 ranks operate simultaneously. The buffer allows the 2 ranks to function as if they were separate modules. Thus, there is a doubling of performance. The buffer includes a memory controller that runs at 8800 MT/s, which is remarkably higher than the average.

If we compare MCRDIMM modules and standard modules with 2 ranks, the latter works as a single module. That means the memory controller receives data and is limited to transferring 64 bytes. In the new modules, this figure will be doubled, which will significantly affect performance.

There is a high probability that the company has released new products for AI servers. Devices utilized for artificial intelligence usually have considerable amounts of memory so the new modules will have a significant impact. With 256GB MCRDIMMs, a Granite Rapid-based server will have 6TB of DRAM thanks to 24 slots, and almost 3TB of DDR5 memory thanks to 12 slots.

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