Fedora Linux 40 beta testing was launched

Fedora Linux 40 beta testing was launched

Author: HostZealot Team
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Fedora developers launched the Fedora Linux 40 Beta, with Fedora Linux 40 release planned for the 23 of April.

The releases is available for distributions Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server, Fedora Silverblue, Fedora IoT, Fedora CoreOS, Fedora Cloud Base, Fedora Onyx, and Fedora Live for architectures x86_64, Power64 and ARM64 (AArch64).

The new features and changes include:

  • GNOME 46 desktop update.
  • KDE desktop edition updated to the KDE 6 release.
  • Atomically updatable custom distributions developed by the Fedora project are combined into a single family under the Atomic Desktops brand.
  • Multiple package updates.
  • The mechanism of IPv4-address conflict detection in the local network (RFC 5227) is now enabled in the NetworkManager configurator by default.
  • Mock (mock-core-configs), Koji and Copr build tools have been converted to use the DNF 5 package manager to install build dependencies in the chroot environment used for building packages.
  • Downloading metadata with lists of files included in packages is disabled by default in the DNF package manager.
  • OpenSSL 1.1 library package removed.
  • Zlib library replaced by Zlib-ng fork.
  • Generation of delta-updates of RPM-packages discontinued.
  • Passim caching server, that allows for distribution of frequently requested files in the local network without direct access to the main servers and without involving global CDNs, added.
  • The Image Builder toolkit is now used to build Fedora Workstation Live images.
  • Osbuild toolkit is now used for building minimal images for ARM architecture.
  • Kiwi toolkit used for forming Fedora Cloud Edition images instead of Image Factory.
  • Kubernetes packages reconstruction.
  • The Fedora IoT edition of Fedora IoT has switched to using boot containers generated using the OSTree toolkit and bootc technology.
  • The wget utility has been replaced by wget2 and the iotop utility by iotop-c.
  • libuser library has been declared deprecated
  • Progress in adding a newer version of the C language to GCC.
  • A ready-made package with the PyTorch machine learning framework added to the repository.
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