Release of Linux 6.6 and MySQL 8.2

Release of Linux 6.6 and MySQL 8.2

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For the end of October 2023, we’ve got at once two major releases – Linux 6.6 and MySQL 8.2.

Linux 6.6

After two months after the last stable release Linux 6.5, Linus Torvalds released Linux 6.5. The source code can be found at

The major changes in the kernel include:

  • KSMBD server in the SMB protocol kernel;
  • Support of Shadow Stack by Intel;
  • Earliest Eligible Virtual Deadline First (EEVDF) scheduler added;
  • Support of Dynamic Boost Control by AMD;
  • Support of KVM hypervisor for guests on the RISC-V architecture;
  • HP laptops got a driver allowing you to change BIOS settings directly from Linux;
  • Additional temperature and voltage sensors for desktop motherboards.
  • Linux 6.6 is likely to become an LTS kernel release.
  • MySQL 8.2

The newly released MySQL 8.2.0 is the second release released according to the new release models in the form of two branches: Innovation and LTS.

Innovation releases are released every 3 months and aimed at those who want to benefit from the newest features. After each Innovation release the previous version is no longer supported.

LTS branches are more aimed at those who need stability and are released every two years with 5-year support as well as 3 years of extended support.

Features of MySQL 8.2:

  •  Support of authentication mechanism based on Webauthn specification (FIDO2);
  • mysql_native_password server plugin;
  • Hash tables were optimized;
  • Debugging capabilities extension;
  • "EXPLAIN FOR SCHEMA" expression;
  • "--output-as-version" option to the mysqldump utility;
  • Possibility to use named attributes in parameterized queries (prepared statement) to the C client library;
  • SQL-traffic distribution in a cluster of MySQL servers simplification;
  •  "%" and "_" masks in database access operations, "--character-set-client-handshake" option, binlog_transaction_dependency_tracking variable and SET_USER_ID privilege are now obsolete;
  • Obsolete features WAIT_UNTIL_SQL_THREAD_AFTER_GTIDS(), expire_logs_days variable, "--abort-slave-event-count" and "--disconnect-slave-event-count" options are now deleted;
  • More than 20 vulnerabilities have been eliminated.
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