Rust 1.79 release

Rust 1.79 release

Author: HostZealot Team
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On June 13 2024, Rust 1.79.0 programming language was released. The source code was published on GitHub by Rust Foundation developers.

If you have the previous stable version of Rust, 1.78, which was released on May 2, and you installed it through rustup, you can update it just by using the rustup update stable command.

Some of the new features added into Rust 1.79 include:

  • Inline constants support.
  • Syntax "T: Trait<Assoc: Bounds...>" stabilized.
  • Automatic lifetime extension of temporary values used in match and if constructs.
  • The ability to import main functions from other modules and crate packages was stabilized.
  • "-Cforce-frame-pointers=yes" flag is now used when building a standard library in the compiler.
  • Some of the features that can be used when compiling to a Webassembly intermediate view (WASM) were stabilized.
  • Third level of support for aarch64-apple-visionos, aarch64-apple-visionos-sim and riscv32ima-unknown-none-elf platforms was added.
  • The second level of support for target platforms aarch64-pc-windows-gnullvm, i686-pc-windows-gnullvm and x86_64-pc-windows-gnullvm is implemented.
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