Time tracking software for managing your projects

Time tracking software for managing your projects

Author: HostZealot Team
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Using an outsourced workforce is a reality in IT sphere nowadays. With all the benefits, which can be hardly overestimated, it can also get pretty tricky to keep up and maintain control over your remote employees’ performance as your project evolves over time. That’s why we decided to spread the word about our positive user experience with Hubstaff software that can help you to manage online projects and get a real time feed back from your distributed team, thus eventually saves your time and money. 

Hubstaff is an application that allows you to

  •  track time and activity levels of your employees;
  • schedule shifts and keep track of attendance;
  • make manual and automatic payments to your stuff;
  • invoice your clients and much more.

Your team members just have to install lightweight client software, select a project from a list and let Hubstaff do the rest. The software makes in-depth reports based on records of the time spent on the project and activity level during the selected time frame.  

We’ve been using Hubstaff for managing our projects and it has proved to be an efficient time-saving tool, but don’t take our words for granted and better see for yourself http://try.hbstf.co/gQvZq

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