HostZealot company offers hosting services in data-centers located in Europe, Canada and USA. In this article we are going to talk about VPS hosting in the UK.


Let’s consider the key factors, which speak in favor of choosing this type of hosting:

  • SuperMicro server equipment - hardware from a leading manufacturer;
  • Intel CPU - reliable high-performance processor from the world class brand;
  • SSD caching - additional resources at the moments of a peak load;
  • KVM virtualization - possibility of installing any OS you need on your virtual machine;
  • guaranteed access to resources - full independency of parallel running virtual machines;
  • total support of IPv6;
  • VNC and SSH root-access;
  • big variety of control panels;
  • preinstalled software - free of charge software for optimization of your project work;
  • round-the-clock professional technical support.
zKVM 8192
  • Cores4
  • RAM8 GB
  • HDD100 GB
  • Bandwidth8 TB
  • Swap16 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 1024
  • Cores3
  • RAM1 GB
  • HDD20 GB
  • Bandwidth1 TB
  • Swap2 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 2048
  • Cores4
  • RAM2 GB
  • HDD30 GB
  • Bandwidth2 TB
  • Swap4 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 4096
  • Cores4
  • RAM4 GB
  • HDD50 GB
  • Bandwidth4 TB
  • Swap8 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616

Additionally, once you have ordered VPS in the UK hosting, you automatically receive a virtual dedicated server with following characteristics and technologies applied:

  1. Data-center hosting VPS carriers in London responds to the European high quality standards - Global Carrier Awards 2014 winner. This means you can be sure, that your server gets:
    • reliable high-speed Internet access;
    • redundant power supply;
    • round-the-clock security.
  2. HostZealot company is a direct owner of server equipment, which means following for customers:
    • direct access to the physical server;
    • fast procedure of changing a price plan.
  3. VPS in the UK - it’s the shortest distance between your online project and European Internet users.
  4. Only authorized access to client’s confidential information - UK’s legislation clearly regulates relationships in the Internet-communication sphere. That is why you can be sure, that important information, which is being stored on your server, will not get public or will be withdrawn by the law enforcement without noticeable reason.