How to install Debian on VPS

How to install Debian on VPS

Author: HostZealot Team
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There are many reasons to install a VPS on Debian: reliability and stability, the flexibility of settings and many packages, good support, and a wide community. Another reason is the ease of installation of this Unix system on a virtual private server. In this article, HostZealot specialists will tell you how to install it quickly and easily!

Installing a Debian on VPS manually

If you are planning to manually install Debian on a VPS (see its selection here), you can do it by downloading an ISO image or using a special script. The second option is a bit more convenient and clear, and we will talk about it:

  1. Preparation. In the beginning, you need to perform two operations. First: reinstall the server. This is done in the control panel VPS, the procedure is better to clarify in their hosting companies (they may be different). Second: boot the server into Linux Rescue. To do it, enter the server boot menu (F12 after reboot), choose iPXE, enter R, and hit Enter.
  2. Connecting. You need to connect to your server to log into the running system. The best way is to do it via SSH to the VPS main IP. But you can also log in as root in the VNC panel (login and password are the same). Then run the command: installimage. This will start your VPS installation of Debian.
  3. Configuration. However, before installing OS you have to choose its version. The list may include Debian 6, 8, 9, and higher, as well as all other Unix systems (CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.), including different bit versions. After that, it will be possible to change configurations, but without a clear understanding of details here, it is better to leave everything by default.
  4. Finale. After all configurements you just need to confirm the removal of files from the server - then the installation of Debian will proceed! When it's done, you need to reboot your hosting server. To do this type in the command: reboot. This will log you out of Rescue and log in to the new OS (the root password is the same as the Linux Rescue password).

how to install debian on vps

Debian installation on VPS by HostZealot specialists

As you can see, setting up a VPS on Debian 7, 9 or 11 is not difficult. But that's if everything goes according to plan. And if something goes wrong or you need fine-tuning of the server, without proper qualification and experience you will hardly be able to figure it out. And that's why we recommend ordering a VPS-hosting with a pre-installed operating system. And the best way to do it is to ask HostZealot! We offer VPS with Debian 10 and 11, on 32 and 64 bits, as well as all other popular Unix systems. At the same time, we have many locations around the world, a wide range of configurations and tariffs, and most importantly - competent and attentive 24/7 technical support. They will always help you with any questions and tasks!

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