How to connect a domain to hosting: step by step guide

How to connect a domain to hosting: step by step guide

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After buying a domain name and renting VPS you need to complete the final configuration of the site - that is to bind the domain to hosting and place all the necessary files for the normal operation of the resource in the control panel. Next, we will tell you what you need to do to bind the domain to the hosting.

Bind the hosting to the domain manually

The step-by-step instructions will differ depending on which control panel is installed on your server. There are dozens of control panels, many of which are developed by private companies for the needs of customers. To give you an example, we'll look at how to bind a domain to your hosting if you have cPanel. However, all the PUs are pretty much the same, so knowing how to handle at least one, you can deal with any other.

In order to bind a domain you need:

  1. Open the control panel and go to the Domains section.
  2. Click on the "Advanced DNS Zone Editor" tab.
  3. In the first paragraph, select the domain that you want to bind to the hosting.
  4. In the "Add record" section, enter the desired parameters: "Type A", write the "Name" of your domain, specify the TTL value - 14400, and enter the IP address.

how to connect a domain to hosting: step by step guide

If any values are incorrect, the system will give you an error and highlight the field you need to correct. After that, click "Add record".

In the same way, add another DNS record, but in the field "Type" choose "CNAME" to bind the subdomain. This is useful for those who use subdomains to work - if the site has a branched structure and is promoted in a highly competitive subject.

The final step

Your hosting provider's DNS data can be obtained from the email you receive after purchasing the VPS. When you bind the domain name to the hosting, go to your site and check if everything works correctly - if the monitor with the hosting name appears on the screen, the binding can be considered successful.

How to bind a domain name to hosting without changing the DNS list

The second way is relevant in cases when both the domain and the hosting are registered by the same provider. You will need to create an account with the provider and order the best tariff, informing the provider about the need to bind the domain. The rest will be done by specialists.

If you still have questions about the intricacies of working with domain zones and setting up a VPS, contact HostZealot. We will help you solve any problem and choose the best plan.

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