What domain statuses mean

What domain statuses mean

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When buying and registering domains not all users have a rational approach to the matter, neglecting information preparation and the technical side of the issue. Meanwhile, from time to time the work of the domain may stop or break due to some problems. And if you do not take urgent certain measures, it can lead to the termination of the resource and serious financial losses. In this article, we'll understand what Domain Status is, what they are, and what they signal.

Information about domains: where to find it

Information about domains can be found at specialized services - for example, whois.net, which greets us with a concise search box with an invitation "Enter domain here". In this field you should enter the domain of interest, after which the site will give detailed information about it - whether it is busy, how much it costs to rent, who registered it, when, until what time, etc. There are many such resources on the Internet, so you can use any other.

Free domains are displayed as "is available", i.e. "available for registration". If necessary, you can buy a domain name. This can also be done through our portal during domain registration:

what domain statuses mean

Domain statuses

To begin with, let's look at the statuses of top-level domains in the .us zone - these are absolutely all resources registered in the US. The main statuses are five:

  1. Registered - means that someone has already registered the target domain.
  2. Delegated - means that the domain has been delegated, which means that a list of DNS servers with a specific IP address. Simply put, a delegated domain is already tied to a certain server and hosting provider.
  3. Not delegated - means that the delegation procedure has not yet taken place, and that is why it may not work.
  4. Verified - this means that this domain has been checked and confirmed, and the administrator has successfully verified and received copies of relevant documents.
  5. Unverified - the administrator has not yet been identified with the registrar and has no supporting documents. In this state, the domain can operate, but in the case of what the registrar has the full right to remove the domain from delegation without the consent of the administrator. That is why it is important to understand the statuses of domain names.

International domains statuses

Now consider the global list of statuses that are relevant to international domain names:

  1. Active (or Ok) is the standard inscription informing about the successful registration and validity of a domain. This status allows you to fully change the settings of the domain.
  2. Hold - reports that the domain has been suspended for a certain period of time. As a rule, the registrar accompanies the message with information about the reason for the suspension. Most often occurs due to late payment.
  3. Registry-Lock - This status is granted by the registrar, the organization responsible for the domain zone in question. The Registrar has the right to change or even completely remove a domain name with this status from the database.
  4. Registry-Hold - reports that the domain name is blocked by the Registrar.
  5. Registrar-Hold - similar to the previous one, issued by the registrar, most often due to some violations, such as fraud or illegal content.
  6. RedemptionPeriod - an inscription announcing the beginning of the procedure to delete the domain name. This status the domain receives an average of 30 days, and during this period the registration can still be extended. The only nuance is that the cost of renewal will be higher than usual. While the domain is in this status, you can not make changes or make transfers. If nothing is done, the domain will change its current status to pendingDelete.
  7. PendingDelete - means that the process of deleting the domain name has already begun, and it will take about 5 days until the domain is completely erased - after that anyone can register the domain again.
  8. PendingRestore - This inscription can be seen when the domain with the status of RedemptionPeriod is already in the recovery phase. Typically, the registrar requires 7 days, after which the domain will be fully restored.
  9. PendingCreate - reports the presence of the domain name in the registration.
  10. Sixtydaylock - domain status, which signals the impossibility of transferring a domain name during the first 60 days after the end of the registration. If you see this status, it means that the term has not yet expired.
  11. Inactive - indicates the absence of configured and functioning DNS-servers, therefore the domain address cannot be used.
  12. ClientTransferProhibited - failure to transfer the specified domain for service and support to another registrar.
  13. PendingTransfer - the opposite of the preceding message informing that the registrar change at this time is possible.

Thus, if you want to buy a domain name and plan to develop a web resource for a long time, you do not need to know all the statuses of international domains. It is enough to know the deciphering of the most basic statuses, and in the case of unknown status information about it can always be found on the Internet. If you encounter something unknown, you can consult the HostZealot specialists.

Whois fields

The Whois registry provides detailed information on domains. On this resource, as we have noted previously, you can see the status of verification, contact information, etc. information in the domain zone ru. Let's look in detail what the status of domains in each field:

  • DOMAIN - the name of the domain.
  • PAID-TILL - the date on which the domain name is paid for.
  • FREE-DATE - the date when the domain name is to be removed from the registry.
  • REGISTRAR - the registrar site.
  • CREATED - the day when the registration was approved.
  • ADMIN-CONTACT - contact information to contact the administrator.
  • NSERVER - the list of DNS-servers that support the domain.
  • STATE - the domain. Can be REGISTERED, DELEGATED, UNVERIFIED, VERIFIED - all these statuses we have considered above in the relevant section.
  • ORG - the name of the organization responsible for administering the domain.
  • PERSON - the name of administrator, by default it is hidden.
  • DESCR - the text description is in English, it is filled in the free form.

Here is an example of what will look like the response service Whois for the domain name of our company:

  • domain: HOSTZEALOT.COM
  • nserver: DNS1.HOSTZEALOT.COM
  • nserver: DNS2.HOSTZEALOT.COM
  • org: HZ Hosting Ltd.
  • registrar: Internet Domain Service BS Corp
  • created: 2009-12-12T16:09:31Z
  • paid-till: 2023-12-12T16:09:31Z
  • Updated Date: 2021-11-12T04:36:36Z
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