Managed or Unmanaged Hosting: Which is Better

Managed or Unmanaged Hosting: Which is Better

Author: HostZealot Team
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There are two types of hosting: managed and unmanaged. In this case, we are talking about administration - when renting a managed hosting customer also receives additional service:

  • creating backups;
  • resource monitoring;
  • security;
  • other services related to management and maintenance.

The list of these services may vary, depending on the provider and the selected tariff plan. The bottom line is that the tasks of administration are taken over by the hosting provider, which allows the client to focus on promoting and developing their business.

Unmanaged hosting VPS involves rental without any additional administration - that is, the client himself would have to find a specialist to configure and service the server infrastructure. In this case, the hosting provider does not undertake the obligation to monitor, security and software updates.

Advantages and disadvantages of managed VPS hosting

The key advantage is that this service saves you from having to administer the server. Installation, configuration, and maintenance of all software are performed by specialists of the service provider. They deal with technical support and security issues.

The disadvantage is a higher price. It is quite clear why - people need to pay a salary for their work.

managed or unmanaged hosting: which is better

Unmanaged VPS: pros and cons

When renting an unmanaged VPS you get full control over the server, you can change the software, control panels, and any other aspects, up to making changes in the OS kernel structure. And the only disadvantage is to provide all of the above you need to find an experienced specialist, whose skills can competently optimize the server, automate some processes and provide a high level of security.

Also, it's worth mentioning a much lower cost of an unmanaged server - but it's a doubtful advantage if you take into account that you have to find a specialist for VPS setup and maintenance one way or another.


If you want to focus on business development and promotion without being distracted by technical challenges and nuances, a managed virtual private server is the best choice. In this case, the client receives full support on hardware and software levels.

Unmanaged VPS is suitable for those who want more fine-grained control over all processes on the server. Yes, it will require more effort before the start, but the server will be better adapted to your individual needs as a result. Contact the HostZealot specialists to get more information on your questions.

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